’13 Reasons Why’ Is Getting A Second Season. Here’s What To Expect

By | May 11, 2017

’13 Reasons Why’ Is Getting A Second Season. Here’s What To Expect….

Though the journey was less, the controversial hit series ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ on Netflix has gained tremendous popularity in no time. So, what makes this series special? The serial has highlighted some serious social issues like teen suicide, rape, betrayal, and bullying which, most of the teenagers are grappling with.

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‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ is an American teen drama web series by Brian Yorkey and executive producer being Selena Gomez. The series is actually based on a novel ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ by Jay Asher. It was first aired on March 31, 2017 on Neflix and it landed with 13 episodes.

The series revolves around two high school students, Clay Jenson and his friend cum crush Hannah Baker. Right from the first episode, the series has caught up the nerves of every teenager with the suspicious suicide of Hannah Baker. The story depiction is unique and gripping with the use of 7 cassettes which unveils the thirteen reasons why Hannah Baker has ended her life.

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Each tape has thrown light onto the different characters with different psyche and the heinous circumstances that Hannah came across. Clay, the protagonist gets the tape after two weeks of Hannah’s death and then the quest for the reason behind Hannah’s death begins. Each episode of the series is nerve-wrenching and engrossing with the revelation of each tape behind the murder mystery of Hannah.

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The story being fascinating, and reaching out the audience remarkably made Brian Yorkey escalate with season 2 (hopefully in 2018).According to Entertainment Weekly reports, Brian has confirmed that Season 2 will be geared up soon. And, he said, this season is all about the recovery and healing of some major characters after Hannah’s death. There are also some secrets that are wrapped and Brian wants to unfold it in a different way, unlike the Season1.

And, yes Hannah will be a part of the series as the series will take us to flashback, reflecting the past circumstances. There are some questions unresolved in the first season and Brian has plans to come up with the answers in the season2. Another exciting thing about this new season is that a new piece of technology will be shown instead of the tapes that played a major role in the season1.

Brian stated to EW, “This show is about the way we raise boys up into men and the way we treat girls and women in culture- and what we could do better in both cases.”

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So, in this series, we are going to see the recovery of characters and their tackling with the coming life. Jessica’s role is said to be highlighted in this season who will be in the process of recovering from her rape. And, the voiceover by Hannah in the first season will not be heard in this season but by some other major character.

The fans are aflame and delighted with the new series heading up. Everything seems to be fresh and new in the season2 and let’s see if it can ignite the excitement and ferventness the way Season1 did!!

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