15 minute manifestation review

15 Minute Manifestation Review


It is a world full of desire for success, money, power, happiness, whatever it may be but at the same time, it never stops to be a world full of stress, anxiety, fear of failure and more so of oblivion. Everyone here craves for a transformation, a change from the unwitting greedy human being to a blissful, happy-go-lucky person. Talking of this, a program called the 15 Minute Manifestation was created by Eddie Sergey for helping people achieve a similar transformation. We promise you, this 15 Minute Manifestation review is going to understand the program better before thinking of investing in it.

15 minute manifestation review

15 Minute Manifestation Review

Introduction to the program

Unlike various other programs, the 15 minute manifestation program directly deals with our subconscious mind. Scientifically, it uses theta frequencies and waves to connect with the brain waves and bring about a change in how we manifest our lives and how we think about our past, present, and future. It removes the negativity that limits our brain to embrace the positive side and sets us free to live a happier and more balanced life. This 15 Minute Manifestation review not only gives you the necessary information that you need but also the various aspects of the program that can be analyzed to help you make the right decision.


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How does the program work?

In this, we will first break down the title for you to explain how this works. The 15 minute manifestation program means –

  1. 15 minutes every day have to be devoted to this program
  2. To change the way we see our lives, the manifestation of our lives through our mind.

Now coming to the specifics, the program consists of three audio tracks and one bonus track-


  1. Track one –

    Your Natural State- Just as it is vital to unlearn to learn something new in life, this track lets you go of the limiting beliefs that we have so that we can move ahead and succeed in life without pulling ourselves back. It removes the negativity that abounds whenever we set out to achieve something and creates doubts in our mind about it.


  1. Track two – 

    Your New Story- This track helps us think from a fresh perspective about our lives, both our past and our present. It helps us in building a new story of our lives, free from the negativity and fear. This also enables us to focus and prioritize our wants and desires in life, however, again free from the limiting beliefs.


  1. Track three –

    Moving Towards Abundance- This is a final stage where our subconscious mind, or the ‘EDITOR’ as it is called, will start linking the positive thoughts to real life. This track helps us realize the magic we have just experienced by applying it to reality. It will bring in the positive attitude we need in our lives to accomplish the desires we thought of in the new story of our lives.


The Bonus Track – 

Deep Sleep Now- This is a track that connects deeply with our brains and helps us fall asleep without any discomfort or negative thoughts. This is also said to have waves that realign with our brain waves to help us get good sleep.


Frequency of Tracks- As instructed, one needs to listen to each track for seven days, 15 minutes each day. That makes it a program that lasts for 21 days with only 15 minutes each day.

We feel it is really important for to tell you how this program operates and has evolved. Therefore, apart from the operation, it has two versions as explained next.


Different versions

The original version of the program had audio clips with a voice speaking over background music. It was supposed to have the right combination of words and soothing music to help our brains get the message.


However, taking from feedbacks of customers, Eddie Sergey released another version where the background music is the primary focus, and the voice takes a backseat. It is a more appreciated version of the 15 minute manifestation program. Although we can hear the background music in the version, it is said to contain the voice which appeals and realigns with the ‘EDITOR.’ This is done so that the conscious mind doesn’t push the voice away due to negativity. As a result, this version is better because we don’t need to focus on any words and just relax in the music.


Words straight from the horse’s mouth

We believe that the 15 Minute Manifestation review is something that can be best explained only by those who have experienced the feel of it themselves. Just as this program takes feedback seriously which is clearly reflected in the second version, we have made sure that this review that we give to you is also based on feedback and personal experience.

According to personal experience, this program is really effective and doesn’t disappoint you at all. One might feel that nothing is happening for the first couple of days, but that’s not where you should stop. The real deal is to see yourself positively changed after the program finishes and that is a great thing for sure!

Moreover, with the 60 days, money back guarantee that this program gives as an added benefit surely makes one think of it as a venture that should be given a chance. Especially, people who have spent so much on seminars, mind relaxing therapies and books for meditation shouldn’t mind paying for it because it doesn’t look like wasted money, and for us too, it wasn’t a waste at all!

Therefore, what this 15 Minute Manifestation review asks you is to give it a chance and feel it yourself, just as we did!


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