23rd Kolkata international film festival , have a look what’s new at this time!!!!!


The 23rd film festival of Kolkata International Film Festival was celebrated on Friday. It was a unique and mesmerising movement because the festival was full of film stars and this was lightened by the legendary Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Kamal Hassan and Kajol. That was the high time for the festival when Amitabh, Kajol and Hassan had lightened the lamp on the festival. King Khan also promised to wear Dotti and kurta next time at the festival.He said that he will be more fluent in Bangla next time and look totally like a ‘Bengali Bubu’ in his attire.This time please bear with me. He gave a short eight line massage in Bangla too.


King khan recently celebrated his 52nd birthday. He added that he would ask his friends to give a Dotti and kurta.West Bengal Chief Minister also called that Bangli culture as the adopts all cultures and anybody can celebrate this diversity. She also promised to SRK will give dhotti and kurta next time for the film festival.Critique Biswa Bangla brand she added that there is no harm in adopting this beautiful Bangla culture and embrace the uniqueness of the culture. She added in Bangla that Jhandar shonge matha thandao rakhte hoi’ (it is necessary to keep a cool head along with carrying a flag).Critiquing to Mamta, Mukul Roy said that when CM celebrating the film festival, the state is suffering from the attack of dengue.


This film festival has its own craze in Bangli people so the fest would screen 143 films from 53 countries under 16 categories.In a foreign category, the film will screen the 93 films including53 from India at 12 venues across the city.Kajol also enjoyed this festival.


She has posted an image with Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Hassan on the social media.She wrote in a caption that the selfie with two legends. Shahrukh was not present in the photo because he was not there at the time. The Film festival will go on until 17 November.

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