[Exposed] 5 Richest Bollywood Actors In 2017 And Their Real Net Worth

[Exposed] 5 Richest Bollywood Actors In 2017 And Their Real Net Worth…


Bollywood is well known for its unique movies, top musical numbers and some phenomenal action films. Bollywood is one of the top ranked film industry in world, where the Indian actors and actresses earns whooping amount of money along with respect and fame. This also makes them one of the highest earning people in country.

So, check out the list of some of these famous Bollywood stars who are top richest actors in India along with their real net worth.

  1. Shah Rukh Khan- $600 million

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Shah Rukh Khan, also known as “King Khan” of Bollywood is the third richest actor in the world, who owes net worth exceeding $600 million. This talented actor, although from a middle class family owns a production studio called Red Chillies Entertainment and has co-ownership of IPL team- Kolkata Knight Riders. He has spent quite a bit money for his own mansion and for his general interest in cars owing Audi, BMWs, and a Rolls Royce Drophead. He also has shown support in raising funds for Cancer patients and has contributed a lot in charities too.


  1. Amitabh Bachchan- $400 million

richest bollywood actors

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This legendary actor, although being in his seventies, is still acting amazingly in films. Amitabh Bahchcan is second richest actor of the county with a net worth of 400 million dollars and has won 4 national acting awards and 14 Filmfare awards. He also owns an entertainment production and distribution house that support Bollywood films worldwide, along with a Rolls Royce fit. He was a well known actor also called the Angry young man in the eighties during his period in Indian cinema.


  1. Salman Khan- $200 million

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Salman is one of the most endearing and successful actors in India with a net worth of $200 million holding the position the third richest Bollywood star in the country. Most of his films are in 100crore club, and he also earns huge amounts in shows like ‘Bigg boss.’ He is a proud owner of Being Human NGO which he founded in 2007 for supporting education and health requirements worldwide. While he also has his own fashion company, he has appeared numerous times in TED talks.


  1. Aamir Khan- $185 million

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Aamir Khan, also known as Mr. Perfectionist began acting as a child actor and is now a producer and director too with a net worth of $185 million. He owns a Roll Royce ghost, which is one the most expensive models. Every time he drops a movie, it includes an inspirational message and earns huge sums worldwide. Recently, he delivered a film ‘Dangal’ that broke all box office records worldwide and became fifth highest earning film in the world.


  1. Akshay Kumar- $100 million

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Akshay Kumar is multi-skilled and most flexible actor in Bollywood whose net worth is $100 million. He has self-owned Kabaddi team, which is a popular sport especially in South Asia. His films are basically of different genres including comedy, action and drama which earns large sums. Although he has delivered multiple films with mixed reviews, he is most versatile actor and has contributed a lot in charities and supported the poor farmers too.


Some of the other highest paid actors are Hrithik Roshan with $70 million net worth and Ranbir Kapoor- net worth $66 million, Sanjay Dutt with a net worth of 55 million dollars and Saif Ali Khan with a net worth of $40 million.


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