6 Obvious Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Person

Love is a tricky business. Isn’t it? It usually happens when you are least expecting it. Most of the times, you think you have got the perfect life partner but even that perfect person is not right for you. Seems confusing, right?
We have prepared a listicle of 6 signs you are with the wrong person.

1) When you have to wear a mask
If you desire to impress your partner by singing and dancing by an intricate attempt, you might be dating a wrong person.
Your partner should accept you the way you are. You should not get moulded into a different person for someone.

2) When they keep reminding you of the past
You will have an eye with some people who always try to bring you down for no reason, why? May be, because they are frustrated from their own lives or they envy yours. They will constantly reminding you of your past mistakes even if you are a changed person now. Attacking someone by reminding them of their past is one of the cheapest way of attacking and if your partner is doing so, you surely need to find someone better.

3) When they constantly lie to you
Sometimes, people lie to hide their own mistakes. A relationship depends upon trust and loyalty. If there is no trust, there can’t be a relationship. A lie is a lie, no matter how small. If your partner has a serious love and feelings for you, he or she will not lie to you even in the worst situations.

4) When they don’t listen to you
If your partner always wait for their turn to speak. May be, you are going with the wrong person.
They go crazy on tangents about their busy day, but never ask about yours. They always express where they want to go but never care of your desires. If your partner is doing such self – centred things, you should take a break and find someone better.

5) If doing a hangout with them frustrates you
You are spending time with your partner and if all these things makes you feel overtired, you might be dating the wrong person.
Occasion fights in a relationship seems quite an obvious thing and this is an exception. You should feel happy and alive when you are with her.

6) When they don’t respect your time
Are you living in a relationship where you give all your precious time to your partner and not getting the same in return? Does she often tells you she is occupied with something important? Do you sometimes feel like she only spend time with you when you fit in her convenient time slot? Then it’s all about priorities, my friend. If their priorities are their work, their friends instead of you, you should think twice about your relationship before proceeding ahead.

Guys see, we know being alone doesn’t appeal all of us, but staying in a wrong relationship who doesn’t have a future is quite silly and not at all cool. It’s better to find someone with whom you will stay happy forever.

We hope this list will help you out from these kinds of situations!!!


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