7 Best Indian Web Series You Must Watch Before You Die

By | July 1, 2017

7 Best Indian Web Series You Must Watch Before You Die

While India is still busy in fighting with the censor board for putting beep on the cuss words or censoring any content, online entertainment is slowly creeping its way out.  Without the bondage of censors and any opera daily soap, web series are giving people a pool of reality to dig themselves in.  Exploding like a wild fire, these web series has become a trend among the youth with their free, snackable and easy availability advantages.

The personal connection everyone feels with these web series gives them another point. Unlike all the unrealistic shows where the boys always have a perfect body shape and girls always be fair, slim and of course sanskari, these web series breaks the monotony of fiction and helps dealing into realistic topics where the struggle of fresh job hunters are shown. Point of view of the LGBT community is highlighted and most importantly, where girls don’t have to wear those 3 inch long veil to become acceptable in the society. All the imperfections that every normal person bear is proudly highlighted in such web series. Thus making them more famous among today’s generation. These are not aired on regular TV channels like star plus or Sony, these are either available on YouTube or some online website such as TVF.

There are numerous excellent Indian web series available online such as:

  • Maya by Vikram Bhatt:

indian web series

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In the world of criticism and judgments where one is not always comfortable talking or showing their sexual desires, Maya starring Shamma Sikander, Vipul Gupta and Veer Aryan. People alleged that the trailer of the series match exactly like the plot of Fifty Shades of Gary but my dear viewers trust me there is a lot more than that. The series will deal with issues like bondage and submission (BDSM).  But it further deals with infidelity and strain in the marriage.  Such different an erotic topic has made these outshine it. Do watch to discover how a person can feel lonely even after surrounded by every happiness of life.


  • Spotlight- Bollywood Exposed by Vikram Bhatt:

    indian web series

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Another different topic to deal, Vikram Bhatt showcases the real face of Bollywood.  These series through spotlight on the fact that how unfortunate is that when a person is unsuccessful, he or she is surrounded by many love ones, but as he climbs the leader of success, love becomes rare. Therefore, there is a place for only one person under the spotlight.  This series highlights how a struggle passes through the various vicious circle of Bollywood life and how it landed her to inevitable misery. Starring Tridha Choudhury along with Sid Makkar, this show is a fictional biopic on Bollywood starlet.


  • Twisted by Vikram Bhatt:

indian web series

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Joining hands for bringing a change in the society, Vikram Bhatt came out with another crime, suspense thriller based on the LGBT community and its issues. Intimate kissing and love making scene between Nia Sharma and her on screen girlfriend played by Isha Sharma raises the temperature of the screen. Although many questions or critics would be there on the bold scenes, but the episode was released on 4thApril 2017 and within the last three days, it has scored 484,152+ views on YouTube and still counting. Over 11, 695+ viewers have liked the episode and many people have praised this by giving positive comments on it. These positive outcomes highlight its success.


  • Gehraaiyan by Vikram Bhatt:

indian web series


Different from his rest of the series Gehraaiyan is based on theme horror. Starring Sanjeeda Sheikh and Vatsal Sheath is a story based on love unfolding between 26 year old researcher Reyna Malik placed in Mumbai hospital and her colleague surgeon Shekhar. Admits all the paranormal activities happening in house Reyna is eager to start her new assignment after taking a career break in Bangalore. But the trauma she experienced before the break makes the authorities wonders if she will be suitable for the new assignment or not. The ‘First Look’ trailer and poster released are sure to create a sense of inquisitiveness and excitement about this show which is an urban thriller”. Said by Vikram Bhatt. During the series, she witnesses many different things starts happening like the movement of furniture, opening of cupboards or things to start taking life, but these activities are just taken a sign of fear of not resuming back to the surgery with her on screen boyfriend. The only support she gets from is her neighbor boy who helps her through the nights and the time when she is no longer walk by herself.


  • Pitchers:

indian web series


TVF pitcher is a web series created by The Viral Fever and developed by Arunabh Kumar deals with regular problems faced by the young job goers. Every now and then we ask from yourself that what we are doing and where we are going, but only a few has the answers or ability and the rest move along with the flow. These series has been ranked in IMDB’s Top 250 TV list at rank 50 with one of the prime reasons that is the how the youth felt itself connected to. There are many people out like the main leads Naveen, Jitu, Yogi and Mandal who have well paid jobs, but the only thing that matters to them is their self-made freedom instead of being under slavery. The five episodes of season one follow the four friends’ through their struggles, from soaring baby corn prices to rejections from investors to fund their startup.


  • Permanent Roommates:

indian web series

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The Popular Indian web series Permanent Roommates is created by The Viral Fever and Biswapati Sarkar. It revolves around the young couple played by Nidhi Singh and Sumeet Vyas that after 3 years of long distance relationship they have to face the prospect of marriage. After returning from USA Mikesh (Sumeet Vyas) asks her girlfriend to marry her, but scared from the communication gap they both first decided to stay in live in relationship. Falling out of the situation slowly things turned out due to her premarital pregnancy.  They both planned their wedding, unaware of future consequences and problems coming in their way.


  • Baked:

indian web series

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Produced by Pechkas Pictures and scoop whoop talkies, Baked is an Indian series that deals with three flat mates of the university who deals with chronicles of misadventures. The main aim of these Delhi University three students is to start up a business to earn cash and live their life on their own rules. The show highlights them fighting their insecurities and moving forward for their success. “The plan was just to play around with the options we have. We wanted to get expectations up, in fact huge, and yet not have anything come of it. Let the comedy be with the randomness of life,” added Vishwajoy Mukherjee, director and creative force behind the show.





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