What Makes A Good Parent?

What Makes A Good Parent?


Loving your child

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Show unconditional Love towards your child. Love wholeheartedly and make them know how important they are to you.

  • Tell them that you love them, daily.
  • Give them kisses and hugs, daily.
  • Make them feel that they are the most important people in your lives.


Don’t bring comparison

At cause don’t compare your kid with any other kids. Even when it comes to their own siblings don’t have the habit of comparing. Each child has a unique talent and is different from others. Don’t expect your child to have all talents that other kids have.

  • Comparison kills their bonding with their siblings.
  • They develop inferiority.


Appreciate them

Appreciate them for all their small achievements. They feel proud of themselves.

  • Praise them for their good habits.
  • Also say your negative feedbacks which will help them to change their selves.
  • Applause them and also encourage them to applause to others good deeds.


Listen to them

Listening to their daily chores and activities will increase your bond with them.

  • When you hear the full day’s chores they will not hide anything from you.
  • Once, they feel avoided from you they start hating and lying to you.


Quality time

Spending quality time with your children can increase their love towards you. Spend an hour with them daily.

  • Make them do their home works, activities etc.
  • Play games with them.
  • Avoid watching television when you are together, it kills conversations.


Go on small trips

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Arrange small family trips every now and then. Take them somewhere with fresh air and natural surroundings.

  • Go on weekend camps or trucking’s.
  • Go on long drives on country sides.


Of course, no one has time to do these, but when these are done on a regular basis, children tend to grow in a more positive nature and in happy surroundings.


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