add your website to google news

How to Add Your Website To Google News And Drive Real Time Traffic

How to Add Your Website To Google News And Drive Real Time Traffic

 add your website to google news

Journalism is all about gathering, analyzing and assessing the news and information that has to be presented to the public.  Journalism can be separated from other activities from certain characteristics and practices. All these elements not only bifurcate journalism from other activities, but also make it indispensable to democratic society. Before someone practice their hand in journalism it is important for them to understand the true meaning of the news. According to Kurt Loder “News is something through which people could relate, which affects the culture and the ambience in which the person is residing”.

But journalism is not all about news media or reporting thing, now-a-days everything is so versatile that people have paved way for many such options in from a single field. Blogging, photography, travel writing or electronic media has been at a great developing pace.


What is blog and google news?

add your website to google news

A blog is the website containing a writer’s or group of content developer’s experiences, observations and opinions.  If a person is at the most important position in his industry and circulates or publish the information related to the news on a timely basis to the people, then they are known as news publishers there are also writers that have emerged with various genres of story writing through their creative thinking. Today we have short stories, big stories as well as novels in every genre possible. Google news provides a platform for such popping beginners.

Google news is a content syndication that was introduced by Google to help gather and arrange the news from across the world and make it more accessible and user friendly like XML.


Let’s look and learn step by step procedure for adding your work to Google News XML and divert real time traffic:

1) Make sure you have a particular authority in your blog:

add your website to google news

  • Every author has a different way of presenting news; it is the duty of the content writer to understand the angle or the true story behind the writing.
  • Google is very particular about the content its considering to be news because not every article or writing is news related. Thus the key success of your blog would be getting its authority in your blog.
  • It is very important that how many user friendly sites are linking back to your blog. There are many big companies who post many articles per day, if you are a startup one than competing with them would be something not possible because nothing comes overnight.
  • When you are expanding your numbers of author for the blog make sure to leave back your links to other famous sites with your branded key words or headlines. Social media is developing at a very high pace, thus being active on sites such as twitter, Facebook, google+ or YouTube will gradually increase the popularity of your blog.
  • All this will take time, thus for greater success, you have to be present everywhere.

     2) Follow up the principles of good journalism:

add your website to google news

  • Adhering to all the values and principles of journalism is the top most priority to maintain the importance of your blog in the eye of the audiences. Good journalism is all about being objective and honest with your content.
  • Google XML sitemap publish third party content from renounced media houses like CNN, BBC, The Wall Street Journal etc. and the main reason is because of their original contents and it follows strict journalism. Its transparency makes it a perfect platform.
  • To be part of XML one has to produce original, authoritative and well-structured content. Correct use of tags and headings should be there.
  • Before writing about anything the information should not always be well searched but should be well investigated.
  • To grab the attention of the reader the content should be placed in such an order that the most important stuff should be at the top and the least important at the end.


    3) Never ever plagiarize your articles:

add your website to google news

  • The biggest mistake a blogger can make is copying the content. Never ever copy the content from other web sites. An important site like Google would never want to be attached to the same piece of information written in the same style and language. Make sure your articles are original.
  • Wherever the information is coming from, make sure that the source is trustworthy. Writing fake stories just to increase your numbers can be a blunder. Imagine google posting a false story, it can turn into a big disaster. Thus making sure all the data points and information are taken from reliable sources and is correct.
  • To add your story in XML it is important to have some rank or credibility. Google always give preference to only those blogs which are written by authors having high rank.
  • The only way to increase the rank is to work under reputable news sites such as Forbes Inc. because such sites never publish the duplicate or false story.
  • Thus gradually posting your stories under these names will make you famous author under the eye of google and thus high rank would be allotted. This will make you easy to publish your work in XML.

    4) Evergreen stories are outdated, always go for news –related articles:

add your website to google news

  • An article has its importance only if it has time related values. Timely articles are always set at the top most priority and other get lost in the search history. This is one of the most important webmaster guidelines followed by google.


     5) A crisp and well conveying headline is a must :

  • One of the ways to attract the readers by its headline. The first thing the reader notices about the article is not is story or way of writing but a headline.
  • A headline should be crisp enough to convey the whole story, but still leaves suspense in the mind of the readers so that they continue to read the article. The headline is the most promising thing by you to the reader. If it follows all the guidelines, then it would be easily picked by the readers, which will amplify the readability of your article.
  • The best headline comes with the combo of simplicity, clarity, accuracy and drawing power.


There are certain guidelines which should be followed to create good headline:


      1) Don’t repeat the words–

Never repeat words or keywords in your article as it can make it boring and monotonous.


    2) Active voice should be used –

A headline gives a quick view of what is inside the story thus by using active voice one can converse with fewer yet stronger words. It trims down the use of unnecessary words and sentences.


    3) Always write in present tense –

Since the news has a timely related matter thus the headline should be in present tense because it tells something happening right now. The content inside the story is always written in past tense, thus it is important to write the headline in present tense.

   4) Know the words that has to be capitalized –

One of the most important rules in writing is to always capitalize the first word at the beginning of the sentence and proper nouns. Thus ever forget to use these rules of grammar while framing your headings.


   5) Timely update your blog with new articles:

  • Famous news sites such as the Times of India and Hindustan times are so famous are because of its enormous amount of articles that they publish daily.
  • To popularize your blog daily write at least three articles and update your blog on an hourly basis. If you are a startup company then here freelance writer who are trained enough and increase the number of articles in your blog.
  • Make sure your writer follows your brand guidelines in their work and follow all the necessary rules and regulations of journalism.


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