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Air Force Cadet Creates Bulletproof Breakthrough

Air Force Cadet Creates Bulletproof Breakthrough….

Air Force cadet Hayley Weir used an idea that turned out to be game changer. “It was just the concept of going out there and stopping a bullet with something that we had made in a chemistry lab.”

air force cadet

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This 21 year old Weir approached Air Force Academy Assistance Professor Ryan Burke with her idea. But the professor replied as he is not really sure about the idea how it works. The cadet’s idea was to combine anti-ballistic fabric with what’s known as a shear thickening fluid to create a less heavy material to use in body armour.

She demonstrated the principle to Burke by combining water and corn-starch in a container and asking the professor to jam his finger into the paste-like goo. Ryan worked with Weir for several months at the Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs in a small lab. Dr. Jeff Owens, Senior Research Chemist at the Air Force Civil Engineer Centre at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida advised and helped them a lot.

They tried to combine several different ingredients to come up with the exact formula. They did so to the shear thickening fluid, and the correct way to layer it with ballistic fibres. Meanwhile, they tested their combinations in different ways by the firing range, failing time and again, until one day their quarter-inch thick design repeatedly stopped a round fired from a 9mm handgun.

air force cadet

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This can’t stop a shot fired from a .44 magnum. It means to amplify body’s armour. The duo has also produced their own body armour materials that uses 75 percent less material than is typical. Body armour for the military is the only thing that can be improved by the new fabric. It could possibly be used to reduce or replace the thick metal plates that protect military aircraft, tanks and other vehicles.


This new concept of bullet breakthrough has caught the attention of the department of homeland security and the likes of Intel Corp. At present its patent pending and they have a year to make any further improvements.

The Air Force believes this as a great achievement. They are providing the newly graduated 2d Lt Weir with a full-ride scholarship in Clemson University, where she can also earn a Master of Materials Science and Engineering, before returning to the Air Force to continue her job.

Use this bulletproof breakthrough and save your life!!!

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