amazing buildings

5 Amazing Buidings Of The World


amazing buildings

Terrodel Zaragoza, is a Spanish word and it means “The Water Tower “ in English. It is located in Zaragoza, Spain. It occurred it’s name  “The Water Tower “, since it is transparent and is also constructed in the shape of a water droplet. The materials used for the construction of this massive building are steel, glass and concrete. You can get a beautiful view of the city, from the topmost floor of “The Water Tower “, where a bar is located.



amazing buildings

The name of this “Stone House “ , according to the Portuguese people is Casa do Penedo. It took nearly two and a half years to complete house. This was once a holiday destination, but now time has changed it into a small museum. The house does not even have the basic necessary things like electricity  . It will make us feel and experience, the life lead by our ancestors. This simple living environment, has become a major factor to  attracted many tourists,  from all around the world.



amazing buildings

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The name biosphere itself suggests that it is an environment dedicated museum. Since this museum, is made of steel and acrylic cells, in order to control its temperature inside, a  special complex shading system is used. It has one of the largest elevators, which run upto37 meters. It once got fired in 1976 and remained closed till 1990. Later, it was made into a museum in 1995, where many issues regarding the causes of the water problems like afforestation, air, climate changes are explained.



amazing buildings

It is a nice hexagonal and pentagonal architectural building, built in the shape of a dome. This green land, filled with trees, was once a rocky desert. With the help of the Educational Charity, it has been now changed. It is located in Cornwall, England. It is just 2 km from St. BlazeyTown. It has many varieties of plants, which naturally has attracted many wild animals. It took nearly took two and a half years, to complete this.



amazing buildings

This Shell and Shadow is located in Innsbruck, Australia. This structure of the railway station, was formed as a result of the inspiration of the ice formation. This structure, has a unique architectural form, called fluidity. The roof, is the only light weighted and it has a high degree of flexibility.  It is also called as Hungerburgbahnor Nord Kettenbahn.This building was originally designed in computer.Its height is about 863 meters. They have used a new method of production known as the CNC milling.




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