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Scientific Proof: Apple Cider Vinegar Is A Powerful Healing Tonic

Scientific Proof: Apple Cider Vinegar Is A Powerful Healing Tonic…

Apple cider vinegar is a very popular tonic said to cure numerous diseases and fight infections and people are promoting this as a natural remedy for any health problems. This vinegar is claimed to treat health conditions like arthritis, allergies, acne, cholesterol problems, lower high blood pressure, weight loss, dissolving kidney stones, nausea, killing fungus, migraines, etc.

apple cider vinegar

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But as we are living in a scientific world, we need to see what the science says about Apple cider vinegar is really positive, especially when it is raw and unpasteurized. So, take a look on facts that is scientifically proved about this healing liquid on some of these health problems.

Blood pressure and healthy heart

According to an observational study on rats, it was found Apple cider vinegar contains magnesium and potassium that helps in lowering the high blood pressure and relaxing the walls of blood vessels.


apple cider vinegar

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A regular consumption of Apple cider vinegar helps in blocking the absorption of starch and lowering the blood sugar levels and also the glucose levels. According to the research, the liquid has proved to have most promising effects on curing Diabetes, still many are not using this cost-effective medicine.

Weight loss

In ancient times, Apple cider was used to lose weight. But as per the studies, exercise is only the best way for weight loss and this vinegar can however help to lower obesity and can be positively used in a diet for a boost in results.


It is one of the promising and the best health benefits of Apple cider vinegar. According to the studies, it could lower the growth of cancer cells. Thus it helps in decreasing esophageal and bladder cancer. By cleansing the digestive tracts, it can also be used against prostate cancer.

Teeth whitening

There are many people who suggest Apple cider vinegar for whitening your teeth. But as per the research and orthodontists, it is an acid and rubbing it in teeth could cause cavities and break the enamel over time.

So, finally Apple cider vinegar is said to cure health conditions not only naturally, but scientifically too and it can be recommended for many ailments with regular dosage.


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