Is Beef Really Illegal In India?

Is Beef Really Illegal In India?

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Even though the Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Prevention Act is already in force, there raises a conflict regarding ban on unregulated trade of cattle. The centre has announced to ban the sale and purchase of cattle from animal market as is it sold and being slaughtered. This is almost against the religious sentiments in India.

is beef really illegal in india
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This newly laid rule is only applied for some animals such as bulls, cows, buffaloes, calves, steers, bullocks and camels. As goats and sheep are sacrificed under it, these rules can’t be enforced upon them. This new move is aiming to stop the uncontrolled and unregulated animal trade. But the critics call it as an attack on “right to choose”

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New rule
This implemented rule calls for the promotion of “cattle wealth” instead of the meat trade. It also states the cattle owners to certify that their cattle will not be slaughtered or sacrificed at any cause and should not be sold within six months from the date of purchase. But it is not a ban on sales for agriculture and milk.

The functioning of livestock markets and the annual cattle fair in states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu has to follow the new norms lead by the centre. Also under these new rules the animal market should not be placed within 25km on the border of state and within 50km from the international border. Moreover the animals which are not vaccinated and, pregnant animals and the animals under the age of six can’t be sold in the slaughter houses.

Reactions in the country
This centre’s ban on cow slaughter has been criticized in Kerala and started to protest, saying that this ban on the sale and purchase of cattle is not to promote the cattle wealth in our nation but only to export and trade them for meat and leather. West Bengal’s CM Mamta Banerjee portrays it as an “undemocratic, unconstitutional and unethical”. The Pondicherry government also raised its voice against this new law. This also caused an anxiety among the Christian majority states like Nagaland and Meghalaya. Meanwhile, Meat export organisations have protested by saying this new rule affects their business.

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There’d be a massive protest in some states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka against the centre’s order. The opposite party in Tamil Nadu is criticizing the ruling party as they haven’t spoken upon this issue. Mr. Vijayan wrote for all the CM’s to stand together against the new rules and also added up whether the central government is planning next to ban the consumption of fish?



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