7 Best Hacks For A Long Lasting Relationship

By | April 26, 2017

7 Best Hacks For A Long Lasting Relationship…

Relationships are one of our heavenly treasures. Whether it is an arranged marriage, love marriage or a teenage love, a relationship is the crux of this main idea. Relationships do not become stronger by the idea, but by the effort, we make in reflecting our partner. So, here are some of the life-hacks that will be helpful in building an enduring relationship between you and your partner.


  1. Trust- The Backbone Of Love

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Trust is the focal point in all relationships. Some say “trust is like an eraser that gets smaller and smaller after every mistake”. So, when you lose trust, you lose everything. Here the main incentive is not losing the trust, but how to gain the trust. Every relationship is not pure and impeccable, there may be mistakes, but never lose trust on your partner. Never corrupt your trust and believe in your partner as it is the best proof of love.


  1. Honesty- Better Than Lies

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“Honesty is the best policy” is the famous proverb that we hear since childhood. But how much do we owe it? But in relationships, it does matter. A single lie leads to consecutive lies and it takes no time in disrupting the relationship. A lie under wraps keeps the relationship in a wreck. So, undeniably, honesty is better than lies.


  1. Be a Patient Listener

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Communication plays a key role in every relationship. First and foremost thing is that you should listen to your partner. Never give them a chance to omit the information as it is the best way they can express themselves. Have a chat, discuss, whatever that your partner loves to share, but just engage yourself. Being a patient listener makes your partner relieved that you do care about him/her.


  1. Go For Outings

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Opt for vacations or any outings, so that you could be free from the work life and spend some quality time with your partner. In the hustle and bustle of your life, you often forget about your partner’s happiness. To get out of the monotonous routine and mundane activities, you should plan something exotic and adventurous that may thrill your partner.


  1. Role-Reversal

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One doesn’t need to carry on with the same role. Sometimes a change is quintessential in order to lead a happy life. It is not necessary for a girl to do cooking always, for a change; a boy can take the charge of this part. And, it is not essential for a boy to take the initiative in expressing his love, but, instead a girl can do so by kneeling down and express her love as the boys do.


  1. Accept Your Fault

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Every relationship has a dark side, and you obviously make mistakes. Everyone needs a chance and you do have a right to get a chance (unless it is a gaffe). Learn to accept your fault. It is the best way where you can start understanding each other and each other’s flaws. This can take your relationship to the next level.


  1. Never Be Clingy

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Everyone needs a space and also expects the same thing from the partner. Never be too clingy to your partner. Let them do the work they ought to do. They need a little privacy. Even if that little privacy is taken away, then the partner gets pestered and the relationship might not work well. Do not check on your partner for silly reasons.


“If you want to save your relationship from the debacle, do follow these life-hacks for a steadfast relationship”.



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