Top 5 best health insurance companies in New York City

These are private health insurance companies which offer a wide variety of benefits and services to their customers.

This list is based on what people say about these companies and how they rate them.

We hope that you will find this list helpful when looking for a new company or if you’re simply curious about your options in NY city area.

Best health insurance companies in New York City:

  1. Health Republic Insurance of New York – This is a Co-Op health insurance company that offers affordable healthcare for individuals, families and small businesses. T the largest health insurance companies in New York City. They offer an array of affordable plans to both small and large employers for their employees. UHC is one of the most comprehensive insurance providers that not only covers individuals but also provides coverage for any pre-existing conditions so long as the individual already has a primary care physician.


  1. EmblemHealth Inc – This is another health maintenance organization, or HMO, company that offers several options to choose from when looking at their list of policies available. EmblemHealth is known for their high quality customer service and 24 hour access to doctors via phone calls should there be any issues with your policy or payment information on file with them over the phone.


  1. Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield – This was once one of the largest non-profit health insurance companies offering affordable policies to New Yorkers. Although they still have quite a list of plans that are available, many reports have shown how many of their customers have had issues with their billing or denied claims for hospital stays or surgeries.


  1. UnitedHealthcare – This is one of the largest health insurance companies in America, but they have very limited list of plans available to New York residents. Although this list may be small, it is known that they are top notch coverage options that are provided with customer service being some of the best out there.


  1. Health Net – This is a national company that has many locations throughout the states, though they are very selective on which parts of the country will offer them services within their list of healthcare providers for individuals and businesses alike.


Final Words

If you are looking for the list of best health insurance companies in New York City list, then this is it! There are 10 top rated providers that offer a variety of coverage options to meet your needs. This list includes some large corporations as well as smaller businesses. We hope our list helps you find an affordable plan with excellent customer service and quality benefits!

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