best japanese inventions

5 Best Japanese Inventions That Changed The World

5 Best Japanese Inventions That Changed The World…


According to Forbes analysis Japan is the home to 10% most innovative companies of the world. Few places in the world have done more than the Japanese inventions in today’s world; still a few things like Mario, video tape recorder, digital cameras etc. changed our world at the beginning of 21st century. Making this list was a very difficult task as almost every innovative invention in Japan changed our daily lives somehow.


  1. BULLET TRAIN (1964)

best japanese inventions

Before 1964 travelling between the two major cities, Tokyo and Osaka would take the optimum part of a working day. Hikari No. 1 was invented in 1964, the first ever bullet train in Japan, which ran at a top speed of 210 km/hour. The journey was then reduced to 4 hours from 6 hours earlier and now it take only 2 hours 25 minutes to travel between these two cities.



best japanese inventions

Electronic calculator was invented first in 1959 by Casio in Japan only, but these handy little tools were more efficient invented back in 1970. Though the first model was designed to keep in desk rather than using those big calculators and abacus.


  1. WALKMAN(1979)

best japanese inventions

In 1979 Sony brought the music listening revolution, Sony’s Walkman turned music listening into a private experience. Before the Walkman the only way to listen to music was either gramophone or radio. This transformed the music industry into a whole new level of carrying music in your pocket.



best japanese inventions

Sony came out with the first ever digital cameras in the world in 1981; from that moment capturing your memory became pretty easy. This small pocket device brought a revolution in the camera and photography world. Next was the video camera from Sony which let us to store the live moments in a motion and view it later on.


  1. CD/DVD (1987)

best japanese inventions

Back in 1987 CD’s were invented to store more amounts of data. Sony invented CD, after Walkman and changed the way of carrying and storing media. Though the use of CD became popular from 2002. DVD was invented in 1995 after CD to store more amounts of data, it provided the space of storing an entire movie for the first time.




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