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Are We Born Sinners?

Are We Born Sinners? This is the question which runs on 90% of Indian woman’s mind.

born sinners

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This is 21st century and we lead a hi-fi life. We travel in metros, we eat pizzas and burgers and we dress in western outfits. Even though we adopt this culture from western people we do lack morality and legibility they show towards women.

India is always known for its unity in diversity. Even women harassment in India is unique.

In one part of the country we celebrate in P. V. Sindhu’s victory where on the other hand a 7 year old girl is raped and burned by a Techie.

According to the national crime records bureau of India for every 3 minutes a woman is raped in some part of the country. Even though these cases are registered it always ends in compensation or by murdering the girl.

There are hardly any records of punishing the men who are involved in this crime against women. These men are arrested and given some sort of prestigious prisionment. The government takes care of their needs are, they are safeguarded within prison.

On the other side the affected girl, either ends her life herself or is made to end her life. This is the bitter truth which happens in India.

Another bitter truth is knowing that these harassments usually occur through people we know in our daily life. Womenresist to these and overcome them.

After they are married, women are abused by their in-laws or husbands for dowry and other sorts of needs.

This doesn’t only happen to grown women. This abusing starts right from their birth. The girl child is subjected to infanticide, even in this century.

Women abuse is a never ending story in our MOTHER-COUNTRY.

born sinners

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The horrible incidents keep on increasing day by day in our country. When it started dreadfully from Nirbhaya and now it has led to the case of Hasini a 7 year old girl.

When are we going to voice against this?

Are we waiting for some kind of auspicious time to wake up?

Wake up India! Stand against women abuse!

born sinners

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If these crimes continue at this rate, there will be no more sisters to play with, no more wives to take care of you, no more daughters to love. And finally, no more MOTHERS who give birth to you!!!

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