bottled water safe

Is Bottled Water Safe To Drink?

Sometimes, many of us have a question; Is bottled water safe to drink? Unfortunately, the answer is a big NO. Here’s why-


bottled water safe

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BPA is added to plastic to make them soft and prevent from cracking. When we consume water from bottle coated with BPA there are many harmful effects.

The toxin contents like BPA present in bottles are a serious killer. They have many side effects. Especially on pregnant ladies. PA is harmful to the endocrine system, hormonal system and the thyroid gland.

BPA also shows adverse effects on brain development and obesity. Studies show that mothers who consume bottled water continuously deliver babies with lower weight.

Phthalates and polyethylene terephthalatesare are some of the additional coatings, which causes similar effects.


Is bottled water safe to drink? Your bottled water is nothing but your tapped water which is bottled. Tapped water contains a large amount of chlorine and fluorine. These elements show its effects on skin.

Human cells when exposed to these elements show shrinkage and stops growth. The cell growth limits and the liver cells begin to shed.

This is because the source of water. Sometimes water from canals, rivers and other ways. They are not treated properly and this leads to increase of chlorides and fluorides.


Not only intake of water causes serious effects. Having the bottle with us also causes effects. Leaving the plastic bottle under hot sun makes them to explode under exposure of UV rays.

The recycled plastics explode due to overheat.

Also a chemical called dioxin is released when exposed under the sun, this leads to breast cancer.


Better alternatives for bottled water are,

bottled water safe

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  • Set a Reverse osmosis water system. These are cost efficient and can be easily maintained.
  • Buy re-usable bottles. Carry them where ever you go.
  • Drink water from public taps and avoid buying bottles.


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