Is Cancer Curable Now?

By | March 5, 2017

Is Cancer Curable Now?

Cancer is a deadly disease which stimulates the growth of cells. Cells continue to grow at an abnormal rate, which causes the cancer causing agents to spread throughout the body and it stops the basic metabolic activities. cancer is considered to be a more dangerous disease and is misunderstood that it is non-curable. Even though it is genetic it can be cured at certain stages after recognition.

cancer curable now

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Diagnosis of cancer can be done be x-ray, scanning or blood tests. Sometimes the cell growth occurs visibly in the body.In that case that cells can be taken for tests.

After the confirmation of cancer cells in the body, it can be treated in many ways.



  • Cancer drugs
  • Radiotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Stem cell transplantation.

cancer curable now

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After cancer has been detected in a body, the stage of cancer is known. This helps to decide the type of treatment of therapy to the body.


Stem cell transplantation can be done in patients with lymphoma.Stem cells can be transplanted to the affected person. This increases the immunity power of the body cells, which overcomes the activities of cancer causing cells.



Chemotherapy is done by giving drugs which can fight against oncogenic cells (cancer causing cells).combination chemotherapy is done where combination of different drugs which destroys the multiplying cells are given.



Radiation therapy is where radiation is exposed on the place of cancer affected area. X-rays or ionizing radiation is shown and repeated at various sittings. radiation is restricted only to an area because it can also affect the other nearby cells.

These are the basic treatments done, and if the stage of cancer crosses the limit of treatment, surgery can be done which is a temporary cure.

cancer curable now

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This can extend the life of the patient up for some months.

Cancer is not a deadly disease anymore and they can be normal as we are.


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