Changing Fashion Trends

One size fits all is a common term used today in the fashion world. This cinch has been applied to clothing, wristwatches, necklaces and caps. This one size fits all is basically a universal fit concept. Just as people are physically built differently there is diversity in the size. But the idea of one size fits all concept of styling is thinking outside the box concept.

If one wants to follow the trend they go for accessorising their outfit with accessories like, capes, scarves, belts etc. As they are stylish to wear and can be worn by all body types and this is where the concept of perfect size breaks down to one-size-fits-all concept.

One-size-fits-all trend-you know it’s going to fit J!

Heide Tops

These tops are of free size can be worn out with any body type. It is comfortable and easy to wear and the size is not an issue. It looks good on all types of body built.

Blanket scarves

Blanket squares are loose free size scarf. It can be worn out with any fitted denims, trousers or skirts. It gives a layering look on top and it can be wrapped in whichever way. This outfit gives a layering, this is to vary the weight, so you don’t end up looking bulky.

Wrap Belts

These belts are designed in one size fits all. These can be wrapped on any outfit you desire. It can be wrapped as many times as you like. And the excess can be left free. It’s more convenient with the ones which do not have holes in it.



Capes are designed for any body type. It can be paired with any bottom-wear you desire. To make your look more balanced, you can wear a waist belt with it and can also adjust its layering by wearing a pair of heels with it.


Changing fashion trends has reasons behind it. The most common reason is the society demands this change with passing time. One gets bored with the existing trend and people starts wearing something out of the existing trend. If people like that change more people adopts it and this how the fashion trend changes little by little. Clothing today has some characteristics as the clothing in the past years just with little modern touches to it. Fashion trends always come and go.

Therefore, fashion cannot be cut off from our daily life. Where size made the major role in fitting in those luxurious and trendy dresses, now the trends have also eliminated them with one-size-fit- all concepts of fashion trends. These changing trends attract the large masses of the population and mainly the youths. Fashion has an essential part in our life. We can’t overlook the significance of fashion. Fashion build up our personality, and grow up our confidence level.

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