chia seeds

Chia Seeds: A Complete Package Of Nutrition

Chia Seeds: A Complete Package Of Nutrition

chia seeds

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The first thoughts that comes in our mind on hearing the word “ chia” is the green hair or fur of pets Chia , but unaware of the benefits Chia seeds can really be a healthy addiction that should be included in your daily diet.

Coming from desert plant Salvia hispanica is sold under the common name called “CHIA” which was believed to be originated in Central America. As the research is progressing the benefits of chia seeds has been highlighted more. It not only helps in our digestive system but also t lowers our cardiovascular risk factors such as lowering cholesterol, triglcerids and blood pressure. They are tiny oval shaped seeds with well-polished texture. According to ancient Mayan chia means strength. It comes with varied colors from brown to black.

Nutrition facts about the seeds :

In today hectic schedule the health is the least priority that any person focuses on. From waking to sleeping in night the only thing a person focus is on fame and money.  The fast life has made people addicted to the junk food which paved an unhealthy living lifestyle. Increase number of heart patients is a proof to all these facts. One of the main reasons along with lack of exercise is incomplete nutritious meal.

Chia seeds have been known as the strength giving food by the ancient Azotic warriors. It is the most long lasting element that gives large amount of strength in little quantity. Thus in today’s hectic schedule it is very important to include chia seeds in our diet.

chia seeds

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Before consuming anything it is very important to know all the nutrition values its contains:

Carbs and fiber:

Consuming a single ounce of chia seeds that is 28 gems gives us 11 Gms of fiber which easily meets the daily intake of men and women for their growth and energy.


On hearing the word fats the only thing that comes in mind is the oily and unhealthy fried stuff but the most unique and special thing about chia seeds is its fats. It contains 75% of Omega- 3 fatty acid which is very healthy and beneficial for the heart. No plant or seed is as high as chia seeds in context of   omega – 3 fatty acid.  Thus this is one of the reasons to declare chia seeds as an idle healthy habit.


Being a good plant based protein source chia seeds contains high quality protein which carries all sought of amino acids. But making it solely the substitute for other protein source food items can be harmful for the growth of children.

Vitamins and Minerals:

There are abundant amount of minerals in chia seeds, the only thing it lacks is in its vitamins quantity.

Below are the name of all the vitamins and minerals chia seeds have:

  • Calcium : Essential for bones, muscles and nerves
  • Magnesium : Boosting of metabolism
  • Iron : transportation of oxygen to the blood
  • Phosphorous : Bones health and tissue maintenance
  • Manganese : overall growth
  • Copper : prevent cardiovascular diseases and thus benefits heart’s  health
  • Selenium : Best anti-oxidant

Other elements are:

  • Caffeic acid : fighting inflammation
  • Chlorogenic acid : lowering blood pressure
  • Quercetin acid : reduces heart diseases
  • Kaempferol : reduces cancer and risk of other cronical diseases


Benefits of chia seeds

  • Triggers weight loss:

chia seeds


  1. If you are a health conscious person and want perfect figure and weight than this is the thing on which your search will end. Just like other seeds chia seeds also come with promising factors of losing weight due to its high fiber storage.
  2. The fibre in chia seeds and glucomannan has be reportedly the main reason behind the weight loss. The protein rich seeds enable to decrease our hunger and appetite; therefore it reduces the amount of food we eat.
  3. When we soak chia seeds in water it swells up into gel like structure and thus making us feel full and energetic.


  • Leads to regulation of blood sugar level and prevents diabetes :

chia seeds

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  1. The only way to reduce blood sugar level is by increasing in metabolism, being rich in protein, fibre and omega – 3 fatty acids, chia seeds do this job easily.
  2. Being exposed to unsuitable blood sugar levels makes person diabetics and thus exposes him or her to other heart diseases. Hence co-operating chia seeds in making bread turns out to be more beneficial than in making traditional bread style
  • Cures constipation :

chia seeds

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  1. Sometimes even after regular exercise and less eating of food the person is not able to lose the weight. One of the reasons behind it would maybe the problem of constipation.
  2. Since chia seeds are high in fibre with both soluble and insoluble fibrous content, it reduces the problem of constipation and helps the person to lose weight.
  3. Soluble fibre helps in storage of high amount of water content in stools, making it easy for pass out. On the other hand insoluble fibrous content bulks out the fecal matter and makes the stomach clean and empty.
  • Regulates cardiovascular health:

chia seeds

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  1. A healthy heart leads to healthy body. Large amount of consumption of junk food and oily stuff increase the risk of high cholesterol which can lead to serious ailments.
  2. Therefore consumption of chia seeds is one of the best alternatives as it contains Omega – 3 fatty acid which reduces this inflammation.
  3. It further decreases the risk of thrombosis and arrhythmias. Even 10 Gms of daily intake can reduce the risk of heart ailments.


  • Energy Booster :
    1. The word chia itself means strength. According to the research ancient Aztecs warriors use to consume chia seeds which provide energy for 2 to 3 days.
    2. The slow mixing of fibre and carbohydrates leads to long lasting energy and more pumping of strength.
    3. The slow turning of carbohydrates into sugar results to fueling up of energy for larger period of time.

  • Mood booster :
  1. Yah you heard right, a seed can be a great mood booster if u eat it. The high content of amino acid and tryptophan lighten ups the mood. Moreover these elements reduce the problem of insomniac resulting us to sleep like a baby.
  • Rich in anti-oxidants :
  1. High amount of anti-oxidant elements in chia seeds enables the sensitive seeds fats from going rancid. There are many other chemical substitutes for the intake of antioxidants, but getting the antioxidant from whole grains is much better and brings more positive values plus benefits.
  2. Anti-oxidants in chia seeds have great preservative values making them to last for much longer time period i.e. up to two years.
  • Rejenuvate the teeth:

chia seeds


  1. Packed with high amount of calcium, phosorous, zinc and vitamin A, these chia seeds do wonders for the teeth’s and the bones. IT avoids plague making the teeth strong and long lasting.
  2. It also has anti-bacterial factors which kills the germs and avoid bad breath.


  • Grown organically:chia seeds
  1. Their production does not require any chemical substitute or pesticide, thus making them the healthiest grown food at his time.
  2. So, what you do not have to worry about is consuming harmful substances that many foods are poisoned with in the today’s world.



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