clash of Salman Khan(Race3) and Aishwarya (Fanney Khan) Movies Release date

hen two movies come together on the floor and that starrer two big stars in that, then the clash of movies definitely take place and would be an issue in Bollywood.This is recently happening with the ex-lover of the cinematic world. Salman Khan Starrer Race3 is going to clash,withh Fanney Khan, which is starrer Aishwarya Rai Bachchan .Once upon a time they were truly deeply in love with each other and would be wanted to start the life together but somehow it could not possible and Aish tie-up with junior Bachchan and have a cute daughter Aradhya but on the other side Salman had a lot of up and downs his relationships which have never been stable for him.

Now, their movies are going to take place on the same date.Though the Salman Khan side is quite neutral on that and does not want any hassle on the day of release. But the news is that Fanney  Khan’s date is going to change in short while because everybody knows that Eid is only booked for baijaan and no movie could have a match that kind box office record which Salman movies have achieved. Midday trade analysis has notice that none other than Salman movies have reached that graph which Salman movies have achieved and enjoyed that kind of blockbuster  100 crore club entry, so this is going to be Sallu’s movies.

But on the other side, the entertainment producer KriARJ has said that these all are a rumour about their movie release. The date would be announced soon and will be released on around Eid only, she tweeted on the clash issue.The speculation is all rubbish and the movie will release the set date. It is not going to change at all and will stay the entertaining movie which cast Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Rajkummar Rao and Anil Kapoor.


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