dark side of fairy tales

The Dark Side Of Fairy Tales

The Dark Side Of Fairy Tales!

As a kid we all loved fairy tales. The talking-animals, brave Kings and moreover, it was the happy endings that pleased us. However, the tales that we read were the latter-edited versions of the original folkloric tales. In those days, children didn’t count as the major audience for fairy tales. If you go back and read the original versions, they’re pretty dark and displeasing.

dark side of fairy tales

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Here are some shocking details of the original versions that will mess your nostalgia.


The Sleeping Beauty-

Awakened by the Prince’ kiss? Not really. According to the ancient version, a king happens to walk by Aurora’s castle and knock on the door. When no one answers, he climbs up a ladder through a window. He finds the princess, and calls to her, but as she is unconscious, she does not wake up. So this Prince Charming rapes her and just leaves her. Later, she gives birth to twins and is awakened by one of them who suck the splinter off her finger.


This was personally my favorite fairy tale until I came across it’s unrevised version. According to it, both the evil step-sisters of Cinderella wanted them to fit myself into the tiny glass slipper so desperately that they cut off pieces of their feet to squeeze into it. Later on, they have their eyes pecked out by birds and are forced to live the rest of their lives as lame blind beggar women.


Rapunzel gets pregnant due to her intimacy with the Prince, who often sneaks through her window. Evil sorceress figures it out by Rapunzel’s inflated belly and plots revenge.  She cuts off Rapunzel’s hair and throws her out into the woods. She then lures the Prince by dangling Rapunzel’s hair and & pushes him down on the thorns to his blindness! However, both of them reunite in the woods with their newborn. The Prince regains his sight by her tears and both of them live happily ever after.

The Frog Prince-

Again, forget about the kiss. In one version, the Princess beats the hell out of the poor creature and that’s how he is transformed into Prince. In another, it’s chopping off its head that leads to the transformation.

Hansel and Gretel-

So far it was only the step-mothers that we thought of as wicked, but here comes another blow. In the 1812 version of Hansel and Gretel, it’s the biological mother who abandons them in the woods as to get rid of the extra two mouths to feed. What a motherly love!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves-

It’s already upsetting when the evil stepmother asks the huntsman to carve out Snow’s heart. However, In the Brothers Grimm version, Instead of her heart, the wicked queen asks for Snow’s liver and lungs with an intention of serving them at dinner!

Thank you Disney for the latest adaptation.


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