Deepika’s ethereal look in Ghoomar: Padmavati new song

Deepika Padukone much-awaited film’s Padmavati first song ‘Ghoomar’  has unveiled. Ghoomar is the traditional folk song of Rajasthan in which circling twist and coordinating hand movements are mainly focused. This song has a very royal look and it totally proves the traditional way of life of the Rajputana culture. It has set in this perfect manner of Sanjay  Leela Banshali period drama film. In an interview, Deepika said that it is the perfect and difficult song so far for her. The feeling of doing this song never forgettable. In the of the song  Deepika as Padmini the queen dance on this beat of the Ghoomar song and her husband Maharawal Ratan Singh Shahid Kapoor watches.The whole song is very tantalizing. This song has a perfect structure of the Rajstani traditional queenly gesture and  Deepika full filled it very beautifully.  In every look, you feel the energy of the song.

When the trailer of padmati lunches it was a thriving act of Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor which made everybody stunned now this song which shot on very accurate manner gives the galvanised feeling of perfection to Sanjay sir. According to sources, Deepika has got the highest fee for Padmavati. Deepika’s all kinds of looks are appreciated by the audience.

The costumes are mainly working by Jarri and the first look lahnga was 20 kg and the dupta of it was 4 kg. Deepika has already worked in two films of Sanjay  Leela Banshali, but this time Padmavati has the new setup of royal look. Shahid royal look and Deepika’s fearless and Rajputana queenly look made this song extremely worthy to like. Padmavati is based on the story of Padmini who was the queen of Cittor and fightbacks for her pride and fort after the death of her king. It’s going to be released on 1 December.


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