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Is Digital Marketing Taking Over The Traditional Marketing Methods?

Is Digital Marketing Taking Over The Traditional Marketing Methods?

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The digital platforms of communication are not only nifty, but also versatile. They are more practical than our traditional forms of communication and marketing. Social Media is at the peak when it comes to new age marketing, given its ever-increasing use and popularity among the new age generation. The older generation might not easily adapt to the digital era and grumble about the fall of the traditional ways of communication, i.e. newspapers, books, radios and TVs. These methods of communication and marketing still exist, but face a tough competition with the rise in digital manifestos.

Some of the fundamental digital platforms at present are:

  • Websites and their SEO content
  • Internet marketing, viz. Pay-per-click ads and Email marketing
  • Blogs and Online Videos
  • Social media marketing i.e marketing via social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Mobile marketing which includes SMS, MMS, etc.

So Why Digital Marketing is important?

As said above, with the rise of technology, people are now shifting to the digital age. The increase in the availability of mobile devices at affordable prices is an inducing factor for the consumers to opt for the digital media. This ultimately means a wider reach. Also, this kind of marketing is more affordable and cost-effective than the traditional marketing ways. A social media campaign can convey a message to a large number for people in a time less than that done by TV or a print ad.

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One of the biggest advantages that digital marketing tools have over the traditional method is the ability to track and examine the results. The success of any digital marketing campaign can be viewed by simply monitoring the consumer’s rate of response. This in turn can help plan and execute the next ad campaign accordingly. It not only helps in building a brand or the company image effectively, but also strengthens the relationship with the consumers with a better and friendly customer service.

It’s very important for those businesses that still devote to the traditional marketing methods to adapt to the new age marketing in order to prevent the business from its demise sooner or later.


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