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Are Doctors Really That Bad As Portrayed By Indian Media?

Are Doctors Really That Bad As Portrayed By Indian Media?

“The most tragic thing in the world is a sick doctor”, says George Bernard Shaw.

We live in a place where doctors are treated as ‘next to God’. He is believed to have the cure of each and every ailment that you can recognise and him/her being sick is definitely an irony for some.

What kind of doctor is he/she is who can’t cure himself? …as if the teacher never goes out of answers.

Basically, we live in a world of hypocrites. At one hand, we say that doctors are next to God or they are the god themselves while on the other hand, media these days represent doctors as a bunch of traitors. We all know that there are good and bad people everywhere. It is up to the nature of a particular person what he/she does in his/her professional life. You cannot declare whole profession as a dirty one.

Media, these days, shows only one phase of the story. Of course they do it for TRPs as nobody would be interested in the struggle one do to be a physician, but we, as viewers, love to watch the scams or racket being caught. I know it is their duty to show what is going wrong, but they should also show the positive side of being a doctor. I have never seen any news channel showing the hard work and struggle of a doctor. They never show what it takes to be a real doctor. What they all go through to be a physician. How they treat each and every patient with love, care and affection despite being extremely tired.


Working Conditions of a doctor:

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  • Horrible working hours: They work continously for 12-16 hours in their first year of medical residency itself. With consecutive night shifts, they have no social life. A doctor yearning for sleep and working continuously needs to be calm and energetic in every situation.
  • Facilities: Our government hospitals don’t have even proper facilities. There is a lack of infrastructure, there is a lack of space, there is a lack of working equipments, but they are always full of patients. Patients who themselves feel suffocated and restless entering those shabby buildings.


  • Environment: As a child, I hated going to see a doctor because of those medicinal odours and smells in hospital and of course the medicine he would prescribe to me. They would always make me vomit. I still wonder how the doctors and nurses stays there every time. How come they bear those unpleasant odours and do not vomit. May be, they become habitual, I mean, obviously they have to be habitual and tolerate. And above all, handling the patients of all temperaments, handling those who are burnt and those who are suffering from aquagenic urticaria and cannot take a bath and smells horrible. And sometimes the relatives of the patient judging you, shouting and screaming over you, I know, because of concern, but how a doctor stands all of this, I really don’t know.
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Pathetic Condition Of Government Hospitals

Social and Personal Life:

After all this,  they have no social and personal life, no time is left for your family. Being a doctor means you have no family time, no holidays and no festivals for you. When we all are busy enjoying Holi and Diwali, they are on duty, operating a patient in emergency. This reminds me the following incident, I had a friend… everybody in his house is a doctor… his parents, his uncle and he himself too is now pursuing MBBS. Two years ago, his family didn’t perform the Diwali pujan because his parents and his uncle were busy operating a person who had swallowed poison and tried to suicide.

Doctors sacrifices a lot more for us than we ever imagine and the fear that anything can go wrong at any step…you have to be very careful.


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This picture shows very well the life of a physician, how everyone stares at him when he is eating.

This reminds me of a story also:

An old man was shouting in front of the operation theatre, “Where is the doctor?”. Suddenly the doctor appears, he goes inside the operation theatre without looking at the old man and comes out after two hours. The old man asks him, “how is my son?” but the doctor leaves without answering. The old man says to the ward boy in anger that he would know if his son had met with an accident and was now fighting for life. Ward boy then tells him that the doctor was just coming back from the funeral of his son.

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Sometimes, we forget that they are humans too. They too have feelings, they also need food and they can also have bad times.

I know some doctors are rude in behaviour, but one can never know what he/she is going through in his life. Sometimes the situations and the frustration of restless work leaves them bitter and cynical.


Doctor – Patient Relationship:

A doctor always cares for his patients. We need to understand that he doesn’t get pleasure when someone dies. If during an operation, a patient is having a cardiac arrest, the doctor cannot do anything. It takes six years and unbearable hard work to be a doctor. Imagine when you are having fun, someone is studying day and night, is cramming the books just to give ‘you’ life.

A doctor patient relationship is always based on trust. If you don’t trust your physician and do not follow him, he can never help you. A good doctor not only prevent death, but also gives a quality life to his patients.



They do all this in a meagre salary of 30k or 40k per month. To say it’s a good amount. but it’s not even comparable to the amount his parents has bestowed in his studies. And with this scanty salary, he can’t even recover his money.

The following picture gives you the details of salaries of different specialist doctors:

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In today’s India, it is very difficult to get  an admission in government MBBS college dye to lack of seats. Every year, the government increases the seats in MBBS colleges but they always remain less. This is why, most students choose to go in private colleges and their fees goes up to 3-4 lacs per annum or Abroad which is even costlier. Moreover, you always need to be a post graduate to be a good doctor. This means again a private
college and you need more money.


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                                   Medical Seats in Different Zones of India

Treating hundred of patients per day in this salary is really a big deal. As there is a lack of awareness in our country about health care, we have the most diseased population. Then we have people who say a doctor should treat people for free. I want to ask them why don’t you guys run his house and they will be more than happy treating you free. And still there are doctors who treat poor people for free and not only treat but organises health check up camps to bring awareness completely free of charge. Aren’t those great?

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I am not denying the fact that there are doctors who are involved in illegal organ transplants or organ trafficking but there are such people in every field, those who gives more value to money than their profession. Here the doctors becomee the target because instead of coming and fighting for what is right and wrong, they would prefer to stay at home, relax themselves and spend some quality time with their families. Maybe, this is the reason, I have never seen a doctor debating on any chat show on news channels.

Doctors are the ones who give us life, yet they are the ones whom we curse more than anyone and wish to never see them in our lives. This is tragic for me. But here, let’s think about it genuinely and appreciate the effort of the doctors who gives us life.




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