This Decision Of Trump Has Shaken Up The World Heavily…

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Donald Trump recently took a decision and has signed an executive order on which visa to people from  the middle-east countries and Africa have been banned. People from countries of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemenare temporarily banned from entering the US. It is said to be made permanent in days coming.

Moreover the refugees living here are planned to send back. This law has feared many families apart.

The refugees in US from Iraq, Syria are considered to be threat creators by Trump. He states that these laws have been implemented only for the welfare and security reasons of the US.

This law has left a question mark to people from foreign countries residing in US.


Trump’s view clearly states that all Islamic people are considered as ISIS terrorists for him. He has banned Muslim people entering his country.

Mr. Hussian, a Kashmiri athlete went to US embassy seeking for visa to attend the snowshoe championship in New York which is to be held on 25 February.

The visa officer had completed the visa interview and said that he was not permitted visa. It is because of the recent ban by trump to Muslims in his country.

The Indian athlete was disappointed, and he has stated that it is the first time that US has denied visa for him.

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Even his campaign statements say“Islamic terrorism is heating up!”


Trump has passed legislation to the H1-B visa demanding the companies to pay double the amount of wages. This H1-B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows skilled professionals from other country to work in their fields in US. Now passing of this act has made their minimum wages to $130,000.This seems to be more critical and the people affected because of these are techies.

About 65% of people by H1-B visa are Indian techies and Infosys will be most affected company.

This is only a beginning of trump’s era.


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