Doomsday Clock: World Is Near Catastrophe

The doomsday clock is a symbolic representation of the world’s end on the basis of nuclear weapons. The doomsday clock was originally formed by a bulletin of atomic scientists in 1947, which has been updated once a year in regards to the nuclear acts in the year.

Some renowned scientists like Stephen Hawking, Susan Solomon, Lisa Randall and Freeman Dyson-sponsored and consulted with the bulletin board.

Now, the recent talk of the Doomsday clock is due to the movement of the clock on last Thursday (26.01.2017).The clock stands at two and a half minute to midnight. This implies that nuclear destruction is more likely close to the humanity. A biblical metaphor “apocalypse” is used commonly referring to doomsday clock as it means “the complete final destruction of the world”.

Scientists have declared major four reasons for the movement of the clock.

They are,

  • A rise in harsh and grating nationalism worldwide.
  • Donald Trump’s comments on nuclear arm
  • A darkening global security Landscape.
  • Ignoring the scientific expertise.

“This is the closest to midnight the Doomsday Clock has ever been in the lifetime of almost everyone in this room. It’s been 64 years since it was closer,” said Lawrence Krauss.

The clock moved so closer only during 1953.Two minutes to midnight was moved after the US and Russia signed in a treaty on hydrogen tests.After 64 years, this is the first time the clock has moved by the words of a single person’s statement of ‘the president’.

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