The Dragon Befriends The Elephant

The Dragon Befriends The Elephant….


The region in Blue color shows the countries which are in Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

As leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meet in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, for the 17th summit of the regional bloc, the latent values guiding SCO development, the “Shanghai Spirit,” is once again proving its exuberance(source Xinhua). Since its formation in 2001 then known as “Shanghai Five” Bloc. With its renewed growth of being the Regional stabilizer by maintaining regional security and stability and promoting regional growth and prosperity through the efforts of deepening and mutual between the member states.


While the “Shanghai Spirit” has things to offer such as mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for cultural diversity and the pursuit of common development, and stands in acute comparison with the Cold War-era adversarial mentality that can still be traced in many Western Behavioral components. The SCO is moving on a fast track of development that is much more efficient, practical and healthy, and has presented impressive achievements and Glory to its Reputation. The Dragons Initiative has also tightened its grip on the three biggest evils existing in this region -Terrorism, Separatism and extremism. It has also made sure to improve the Trade and investment expense. It is also taking measures to enhance transportation facilities.


As Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi put it in April, the SCO “has maintained a robust development momentum and strongly protected the security and development interests of its member states, demonstrating its unique strategic value”

The most Monumental change is the upcoming accession of India and Pakistan. This organization with India’s entry would have represented a total population of 3 Billion on the planet. This will shift the charge that SCO was only China dominated mechanism will now play a vital role in balancing central Asian power. The two SCO observers signed the bloc’s Memorandum of Obligations in June 2016, commencing the process of their accession. India has been a part of the organization as an observer since 2005 so it was a wise move to give India Full Membership. They are expected to get full membership this year. Their accession in SCO express exuberant and Dynamic take on the region’s endeavors in countering terrorism and extremism, one of the major tasks for the SCO since its birth in 2001. It ignites and give an indication of the rising appeal of the “Shanghai Spirit” and increasing Global Leadership of the whole organization, whose full members and observers accounting for nearly half of the world’s population.


The Relationship of the Bear(Russia) and the Dragon(China) is a democratic relationship that every country in SCO address common concern on the base of mutual respect and mutual benefits. SCO is much more like an International Democratic System.



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