farmers shot dead

5 Farmers Shot Dead In A Protest Making CM Blame The Congress

5 Farmers Shot Dead In A Protest Making CM Blame The Congress….

During a protest on Tuesday by the farmers in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh five people were killed and over a dozen injured when shots were fired. On clamping of curfew and shutting down of internet connectivity fear arose among the people.

farmers shot dead

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The main aim of the protest was to convince the government for granting them a loan waiver and to set a minimum support price for the product. The state government is still in denial of the involvement of any police force or CRPF.  On contradicting the government one of the survivor stated that he heard gunshots and saw policemen firing a section of protesters. The statement was confirmed by one of the victims named Murli who was beaten by the policeman and currently is on the hospital bed. Due to unavailability of sources and shut down internet exact numbers of dead and injured couldn’t be found. To rescue their lives, injured tried to escape and fled to hospitals some 240 km away.

For the compensation of loss, CM announced Rs. 1 crore to the family of dead and Rs. 5 lakh to those injured. Somehow government finds farmers responsible for this chaos as they broke down various railway tracks, fired vehicles and attacked the cops.

Accusing the Congress of instigating the violence, the CM said: “The deaths in Mandsaur are unfortunate. The demands of farmers have been met. I request them not to be misled by provocation.” Congress rejected the charge and called a statewide band for Wednesday. “This government is at war with the farmers of our country,” said AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi.

The protest was intensifying despite the CM’S assurance that the government would buy onions and moong dal from farmers.

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