fidget spinners

Fidget Spinners | Benefits | Disadvantages | All You Need To Know

Fidget Spinners | Benefits | Disadvantages | All You Need To Know

fidget spinners

A fidget spinner was launched as a toy that was mainly marketed as a stress relieving device. It comprises of multi- lobed flat structure that is made from metal or plastic.  Initially, it was advertised for the people who have trouble in focusing such as one undergoing ADHD, autism or anxiety. It acts as a stress release mechanism for nervous energy or psychological stress.

At this time when a single thing becomes popular like a wild fire, fidget spinner became one of them. It is mostly found among school children due to whom many school teachers banned the usage as a cause of distraction. Many teachers believed that the visualizing soothing effect of fidget spinner became prime reasons for the un-finished homework of the students. Even the noise produce from it created a problem in the class.

Let us see what are the pros and cons of fidget spinner for the children: –

Advantage of fidget spinner:

    • Social Activity: Everyone likes to follow the latest trends that are initiated in the society. Just like that every child would always want to have the things that are in trend and used with the group of friends. Being rejected and secluded by the friends can lead to various mental problems, thus having children partake in this healthy activity can enable them to stronger their bond with other children and can provide a platform for the topic for positive platform.

  • Good Focus: Controlling body and its moments are observed a good sign for the children diagnosed with ADHD or other cognitive impairment. Such activities have been proven successful in focusing on their assignment or activity. With the help of fidget or such device their body gets gets stimulus.
  • Getting better input: Using fidget toy children are able to get sensory input, which otherwise they would have missed. Just like play therapy these activities are as important as it help the children to process events and activities.
  • Relieve the office people: When getting stressed, it’s better to use fidget spinner than biting down whole nails or consciously disturbing your office colleagues with continuous clicking of a pen.

fidget spinners

 Disadvantage of fidget spinner:

  • Not every child is same: It is not mandatory that every child requires the same sought of sensory input to become successful. There are many children who have their own caliber and thus can do well in life without the need of this spinner. For such children these things become a source of distraction or just a toy to waste their important time.
  • Ban in school: Because of becoming an intense source of distraction these toys are gradually being banned by the school authorities. Their noise and soothing visualization lead to disturbance in the classroom premises among the children. Also, this has become a prime reason for the incomplete assignment and homework.
  • All in moderation: Similar to the other latest fads, when not used properly, they do not function in the same manner. When children over uses the fidget or do not use it for the intended purpose, it just becomes the latest and greatest toy.

Due to the current ban in the fidget spinner in school many parents of  children suffering from a problem like ADHD or ASD are complaining that why their children are suffering just because some children are purely taking it as a source of toy and entertainment.

“At first I thought it was brilliant that other kids had them because he wouldn’t have to answer any questions or feel awkward using it, but now that they’re being banned in schools, it means he will have to lose an aid that is extremely beneficial to him. It’s unfair if a child with special needs already has them and is now not allowed because others have them purely for enjoyment”- quoted by one of the parents.

(Source: Birmingham mail)



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