‘Fireball’ hits 2.5 crores Indian computers. Here’s how you can protect your device from it.

‘Fireball’ hits 2.5 crores Indian computers. Here’s how you can protect your device from it…


This month is not going well for cyber security professionals, first there was Wannacry, and then came Judy for Android devices and now Fireball hits 25 crores computers worldwide.

Fireball can run on any code, download any file in your computers and manipulate victim’s web traffic to generate ad-revenue.

Out of 25 crores computers worldwide, 2.5 crores are in India, 2.4 crores are in Brazil becomes the most infected areas in the world.

How does it work?

Fireball is a browser hijacker and that can become malware downloader at any moment. It is spreading mostly through bundling, installed alongside a required program without user’s permission.

It manipulates the victim’s browser and turns the default search engines into a fake search engines that redirect queries to either google or yahoo.

Follow the steps to check you are infected or not. If infected, then how to repair it.

Unfamiliar default search engines or unchangeable browser homepages or unfamiliar browser homepages and weird extensions are the signs that you are affected.

To remove the adware, just uninstall it from the device.

Remove malicious plug-ins, add-ons and extensions from browser. Then restore the browser settings to default.

Use anti-virus containing malware protection and adware cleaner to clean and scan your computer.

Fireball’s operation in the browser could reportedly be the largest infection in the cyber history. The Fireball attack has the potential to cause irreversible damage not only to its victims, but also worldwide internet users spreading through infected browsers and systems. Fireball poses a new great threat to the global cyber ecosystem, but we hope our cyber professionals will overcome it soon.

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