Gal Gadot Refused The Sequel of ‘Wonder Women’

We all know that wonder woman is so powerful. She wants to create a safer world for all of us, where we can live freely with dignity. I think  Gal Godat is the real wonder women of the contemporary time.  She is not only playing the character but holding all the fabulous and powerful aspect of her. Israeli actress Gal Gadot recently refused to work in the sequence of wonder women because the distributor of Warner Bros. financial deal has the involvement of producer Brett Ratner, who has been accused of the sexual harassment.

Gal Godat has opposed to some kind of link  with the one who indulges in the sexual harassment and the only very best way to teach them is to attack their financial weakness .Though this project is very special for Gal Gadot future, she is not compromising her dignity of work, who has not respect the dignity of women. Page six gossip site mentioned that she is the tough woman who now her principle and she know how to feel one guilty of their crime, who is doing wrong for so long.

The Israeli actress said that they cannot build the women empowered movies when the misconduct is happening their surroundings. Last month Gal Godat also refused the award dinner party because the Ratter is accusing that he was doing masturbation in front of actress Olivia Munn. But Gal Godat said that it was the timing issue and she was busying promoting of league of justice at that time.

Though the Ratner’s production house has the deal of $450 with Entertainment Bros. that was sign in the 2013 and will end in the march 2018.Gadot strongly condemns the sexual violence at the work place or anywhere for that matter . The dignity full life and the balance of freeness is the part of every individual whether it is a man or a woman.


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