best company to work for

Top 7 Reasons Why Google Is The Best Company To Work For

Top 7 Reasons Why Google Is The Best Company To Work For…

best company to work for

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What’s your dream company? Today almost one-quarter of the professional youths aspire to work at Google. And why not when your employer offers you with free massages and gyms? But is that all? Giving away free massages, gyms, haircuts, carswashes and a bunch of other perks to the employee that makes Google claim a top spot on Glassdoor’s annual list of 50 best places to work or why people wish to work there?

best company to work for

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Here are seven reasons why Google is the best place to work:

Best Perks-

We already discussed about the free gym and massages.

The concept of smart perks was started by Google and every perk has a valid reason behind it. These are even applied (extended) even after the employee dies. From on-site doctors and spa to some frenzy fooseball matches, they have everything to make the employee feel satisfied.


The Best and The Brightest-

People working here enjoy the company of genius co-workers. Google has some of the best talents and best people to work with.


Career Opportunities-

With so many teams and departments and the brilliant colleagues, there are a lot of opportunities for career growth and development. And even if you deice to stop working at Google, having it on your resume would in fact add some extra points to it.


No Work Under Pressure-

It’s not a dog’s life or employees do not work like machines, despite the huge firm. However, competition is always welcome!


Benefits for Family-

Google offers $500 as take-out benefits to new parents who have come home with the baby just within the first four weeks. Besides that, it provides maternity leave for at least 1 year plus 6 weeks of paid leaves along with paternity leave from 7 to 12 weeks.


Encouragement and Motivation-

A very important part of the schedule is the TGIF fet-together where the employees are encouraged to share their doubts regarding the work and experience. They can ask questions to their leaders, including the founders as well. Employees are also updated by their seniors about Google and Google-related events.

Free Lunch. Free Beer. Yes, you read that right!

The internet search engine giant has an indeed creative and innovative culture. No wonder it has topped the best companies list several times!


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