history of shivratri

History Of Shivratri: All You Need To Know

History Of Shivratri!

Maha Shivaratri, this day is celebrated to honor the great Lord Shiva. Maha’ means big and ‘Ratri’ means night. Yearly once devotees of Shiva spend the full moon day of Palguna month by chanting Shivanamas and doing sacred Pujas.

history of shivratri

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History has many stories for the celebration of Maha Shivratri:



Once devas and asuras decided to create a potion which would have the power of creating immortals. The making of Amirtham involved stirring the Paar-kadal.This was done with a mountain named s\Siranjeevi and a sacred serpent called Vasuki was used to turn the mountain. When the Amirtham was almost done, the serpent started to spit its poison to save the whole sea of potions lord Shiva caught the serpent and drank all the poison which the serpent spat. After this incident, he was called the Neel-kanth, because of the blue throat he got after drinking the poison.

All these events happened on the eve of Shiva Ratri and on behalf of this Maha-Shivratri celebrated.


Once a sincere devotee of Shiva, who was a poor hunter had gone to the forest to hunt food for his family. He searched all through the forest and ended up finding nothing. Soon it became dusk and the forest became pitch-dark  to save him from the wild animals the hunter climbed on a bel tree to make himself stay awake, he plucked the leaves of the bel tree one at a time and dropped down. He plucked nearly a thousand leaves and dropped. There was a shiva linga below the tree. On getting pleased lord shiva appeared to the hunter as “Lingod Bhav Moorthy”.

It is believed that it happened on the day of full moon in the month of Palguna and hence Siva Ratri is celebrated.


There was a great treat to the world by a large destruction. Lord Parvathi prayed to lord shiva seeking help to save the world. Lord Shiva appeared to Parvathi and promised that he would save the world.

This also happened on the night of the full moon.


Shiva Ratri is not only a spiritual day by also it gives positive vibes to the world. Being awake and chanting the lord’s name can bring luck and goodness to the family.

history of shivratri

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