Valentine’s Day

History Of Valentine’s Day

History Of Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day

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Valentinus was a humble Christian martyr. He lived in Rome during 260 AD. ClaudiusTheemperors II imposed a law to romans, that only the 12 roman gods were to be worshipped. Anyone who gets attached to Christians was considered to be anti-social community and was imprisoned.

Valentine’s Day

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Valentinus was a sincere follower of Christ and he refused to follow those laws. He was given a death sentence and was imprisoned.

During his imprisoned period a jailor who was in charge of him requested Valentinus to tutor his daughter. The jailor’s daughter Julia was a blind girl.

She had a good grasping and understanding ability. She went regularly to Valentinus. One day she asked Valentinus “will my prayers get answered? Valentinus then taught her about believing in God and the development of trust.

One day during her classes she prayed for her sight and sat silently. History says that a bright light filled in the room and Julia got her sight.

Next day Valentinus was sentenced to death. He wrote a final letter to Julia stating “from your valentine”.

He was buried on February 14,270 AD. themselves is celebrated as Valentine’s Day in remembrance of St. Valentine.



After his death Feb 14 was celebrated to remember his love and friendship with Julia.

During 1300’s Valentine’s Day was related to love. This day was declared to be a special day for couples.



Valentines greeting card was made in 15thcentury. England started giving gifts to loved ones and also created the tradition of cards and letters.

In US Valentine’s Day started with cards. in present scenario about 1 million cards are exchanged. 35 million chocolate boxes are given and 220 million roses are sold.

Valentine’s Day

In India celebration of Valentine’s Day was not popular until 1990’s. It became popular through MTV and radios. Even though there are many obstacles in celebrating Valentine’s Day in India, people are interested about Valentine’s Day each year.

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