How Unsocial Social Networking Can Be!

Cooped up in room whole day with aching fingers because of continuous typing and red eyes because of continuous staring. With a drowsy head and a sleepy voice one might be thinking that one is talking about a sick person, but now we’re referring to a person stuck up on a social media all day long. There was a time when we bothered ourselves with the task of learning birthdates. Now we hear a ‘PING’ which signifies a new notification and we know who to wish birthday too. In the heat of making our life easier, we have secluded ourselves completely from others.

Let’s see how unsocial social media can be.



Friends are sitting in the same room busy clicking selfies and posting them on Instagram. What memories are they making? That they pulled a duck face in front of a camera?

One of the main matter in question about social networking is its addiction. People are sitting together, but no one is talking to each other, rather they are busy with their cell phones, chatting and posting stuff. People get involved so much, that they forget about their real surroundings.


  • Over-sharing-

As it is correctly said “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, this theory is also applied here. When someone shares some offensive content online, (especially which involves religious or political matter) then we also receive feedback from people which is often harsh and negative. This backlash may lead to long lasting impact on a person’s mind.



Hacking is also another risk associated with social networking. Incidents of profiles and accounts being hacked are common. While this could be restricted to simply playing a practical joke on a friend, it sometimes leads to more serious acts of theft. Just using simple data like date of birth, name and location allow hackers to create fake social security cards, driver’s licenses and ID cards. And even though people are well aware of this risk, they still don’t manage their privacy settings.


Teenage Girl Sending Text Message Whilst Studying

This must have happened to everyone. Whenever we open our books to study and our phone beeps. That very moment we leave our books and start using the phone. These small distractions lead to major issues for our studies. Visiting pornographic and adult content sites by the younger generation has an adverse effect on their minds and mental health. The overuse of these sites on a daily basis has many negative effects on the physical and mental health of students

Where are the good old times when a bench in the park, an ice cream in hand and a best friend by your side was all we needed?

Social networking has also helped people in providing a platform and at the same time in acting as a platform for people to find different kind of jobs. For example: on one hand people can look for jobs through websites depending upon their personality or different criteria and on the other hand it has come up with new work opportunities for people in the field of YouTube, Cyber law, Online startups, Blogging, etc.


Social media and networking has become an intricate part of daily life, regardless of whether it has negative or positive impacts on society.


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