Hyperloop: Now Travel Three Times Faster Than Flights From Delhi To Mumbai

Did we ever think of travelling, or transporting something or even teleporting to some kind of special place in no time? Our industrial world has evolved, specifically transportation, so much so that today thinking about UFOs is not even a trending topic, it’s a part of the upper layer of dust on a file which has been kept in a corner for a long time and that owning a jet is no more a news. Who would have thought that the invention of a steam engine would make trade and commerce so fast and the growing global village so hyper that pacing up would become harder.

India being the second largest population and having the densest and the longest railway network,is part of the third world. Planning is equally chaotic and jumbled.

A hyperloop, maverick Tesla driven concept in 2013. Is a new transporting podcars built by Hyperloop One. They are a hybrid of a spaceship and a train which travels in vacuum at 1000 km/hr. It promises to transport materials from Delhi to Mumbai in less than 70 minutes and costs much cheaper than that of a flight ticket. The distance between Mumbai to Chennai would take 60 minutes and Chennai to Bangalore in 20 minutes.

Introducing this phenomenal technology in India, is very challenging. Dreaming about transportation and special ways and tunnels to be built might as well take forever. Even for building a simple metro channel in any specified area takes more than a decade. Still, after the opening, the maintenance will continue growing and so the work to be established, functioning and getting settled would take cat lives.

The executives met the government officials on 24 January 2017,for the implementation of the project, which would allow passengers and goods to travel between major cities, said Nick Earle, Sr. V.P of global field operations at Hyperloop One. Earlie has some major challenges, that will be bared by his company. The regulation of this technology will be needing a bunch of clearances and safety certificates, laying a tunnel means land acquisition which has been a major problem in India. It too is a costly affair. Which our Indian government and the profitable company would be needing to put in.

In India, Earle said Hyperloop One will be a public transport, which will be much cheaper than flight tickets, and maybe just as much as a Rajhdhani ticket cost. As per estimates, traveling in Hyperloop between Stockholm and Helsinki would cost 25 Euros, while a flight can be as much at 200-250 Euros.

The idea of this hyperloop is more like a hyper loop. More like one problem leading to another and their solutions to another. The reason why these concepts haven’t taken off is high cost and limited usage. Well, the concept being new and still on the verge of organizing is another story. But having a new technology in a place where a simple telecom company has a hard time connecting people, where would it stand to be pacing up and the maintenance of the new-bee baby.

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