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IIFA 2017: Nepotism Hard Work Rocks, Chants Filmmaker Karan Johar

IIFA 2017: Nepotism Hard Work Rocks, Chants Filmmaker Karan Johar…

The nepotism controversy kicked off by Actor Kangana Ranaut has made it to headlines once again.

iifa 2017
Image source- Hindustan Times

Apparently, Actor Kangana Ranaut alleged the film maker Karan Johar to be intolerant to outsiders and labeled him as the Flag-bearer of Nepotism when she made an appearance on the fieriest episode of celebrity talk show, Koffee With Karan Season – 5 in February this year. This ensured a word war between the Actress and Karan Johar.

 iifa 2017
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Recently organised gala, IIFA 2017, witnessed co-hosts Saif Ali Khan & Karan Johar and Actor Varun Dhawan taking digs at the Actress and her comment when the latter set the foot on stage to receive his award for Best Actor in a Comic Role for Dishoom.

iifa 2017

Image source- AMP – Deccan Chronicle

Saif invoked the issue when he heated with Varun saying,

“You are here because of your pappa.”

[Referring to Filmmaker David Dhawan]

Varun then quipped, “And you’re here because of your Mummy.”

[Referring to Veteran Actor Sharmila Tagore]

To which Karan added, “I am here because of my pappa.”

[Referring to late Filmmaker Yash Johar]

Nepotism Rocks” chanted the trio in unison then.

Karan Johar also remarked that it’s good if Kangana keeps quiet.

This led to a massive fiasco that eventually made the trio face huge rap on knuckles on social media as social media alleged them attacking Kangana Ranaut in her absence.

iifa 2017 iifa 2017 iifa 2017 iifa 2017 iifa 2017

However, the troika now regrets the disgraceful act.

Actor Varun Dhawan headed to Twitter to apologise whereas according to IndiaToday.in Karan Johar clarifies it in an interview with NDTV.

Karan said, “This is something that I need to say and to clarify. Of course, I do not believe nepotism rocks. Of course, I believe that only talent and hard work rocks.”

“What we said was meant to be a joke and I think it was misplaced, misunderstood and I think it went wrong. I regret it,” added Karan Johar.

Saif also remarked, “To me, at IIFA it was just a joke and nothing more to be read into. But now I feel had we given it more thought, we could’ve really finished this ongoing public discourse on Nepotism more decisively.” [Source-Pink villa.com]


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