7 Awe-Inspiring Indian Web Series The Youth Must Watch

By | February 12, 2017


It is really difficult for the youth to tolerate the Indian TV shows, and the pain of watching these melodramatic stories with parents is almost unendurable. Nowadays, youngsters prefer to watch international shows such as FRIENDS, Game Of Thrones, etc. over these illogical Indian shawls. Here are some amazing Indian web series  that would be worth your watch.


  1. TVF Pitchers

Indian web series


Pitchers, by YouTube are a humorously intelligent, but pretentious web series. The story is about everyone who is tired and wants to quit their job, and start afresh. It’s about four friends who want to quit their high-paying jobs and work on their ideas to start-up. The story depicts the struggles made by those friends, to fulfil their million-dollar dream. Not as easy as it sounds, but could make you believe in the power of ideas and beer.


  1. Girl in the city

Indian web series

This series is about a young girl who comes to Mumbai to fulfil her dream of becoming a Fashion Designer, she experiences the hustle and faces the challenges in the new city. In a nutshell, this series portrays the journey of an independent person that many youngsters can relate to.


  1. Baked

Indian web series

It is a web series from scoopwhoop, which is interesting, funny and unique concept. The story revolves around three friends, as flatmates who decides to start a midnight online delivery service. It has an engaging direction, which is relatable to today’s youngsters.


  1. Man’s world

Indian web series

The series by Y-Films, that impressively revolves around the women empowerment and gender inequality. The story is about a man who unwillingly displaces himself as a woman, and faces the injustices and prejudices faced by women in everyday life. It’s all about ‘what if women treated men, the way they treat women.’


  1. TVF Tripling

Indian web series

This series from The Viral Fever, will bring back love for your siblings. The story involves an unplanned road trip with siblings, which results in emotional and entertaining journey. Tripling emphasizes on bittersweet relationship that siblings share, while the story also depicts the perspective of outer self people show.


  1. AISHA-My Virtual Girlfriend

Indian web series

The series involves the story of a boy who is a loner and unlucky in love, but a genius coder with high aspirations. He put all his efforts in the creation of artificial intelligence program, a self-determined virtual assistant named AISHA. It highlights the new tech oriented generation that is delegating independent young people.


  1. Permanent Roommates

Indian web series

It is a very popular web series, by The Viral Fever. The story revolves around two people who are in a long distance relationship for three years. The series will further take you to the fresh world of Indian Fiction. It is very realistic and relatable to this generation.





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