The 3 Interview Questions Job Seekers Are Most Scared Of Being Asked

By | May 7, 2017

The 3 Interview Questions Job Seekers Are Most Scared Of Being Asked…

The one thing that leaves us all heebie-jeebies is definitely ‘interviews’. An interview is going to assess our ability and capability, and in proving our efficiency, we often tend to be on jitters. Fear of rejection is one of the possibilities that every job seeker dithers.

According to a survey conducted by a website Totaljobs, 6000 job seekers being interviewed, were frightened of three questions and fumbled upon answering them. Here are the three questions job seekers tend to break out in a cold sweat…


  1. Tell me about yourself

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This is probably the first question the interviewer poses. Some might really hate this question as some of the interviewers make it complicated by questioning you in and around your SELF. The interviewer can assess your proficiency by just one question, i.e.; Tell me about yourself. Though this is the most comfortable question to be answered, some get scared to answer it righteously.

You should better start off with your best like, your strengths and skills that will show your durability. You could also talk about your success stories and make your SELF unique to impress the interviewer.


  1. What is your greatest weakness?

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The confidence you show in answering your strengths will not be effective while answering your weaknesses. Buzzwords are often used by the job seekers in an attempt, to be honest. And the interviewers might not be happy with your answer. But frankly speaking in answering this question; you should keep your honesty sidewalls, and try to answer in a professional way. You have to be vigilant while answering this question.

For example, if you say, ‘I am sometimes gullible’. Then you have to cover up yourself in a decent way by saying ‘These days I am trying my best to overcome my weaknesses (though actually, you won’t!).


  1. Why should I hire you?

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This is the trickiest question that you might come across while interviews. And also, it is the must-question by an interviewer. Most of you don’t have the answer to come-up with. Though you have, it might be not appropriate to the job you seek and this is one of the reasons you might be scared of answering. Every company has many varied jobs to offer and the one you apply for should make sense to you.

If you want to nail this answer, you should have the power to convince. Before attending an interview, you should research about the company and the role of your job. And, layout your ability diligently.

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