What is Jallikattu? All You Need To know.

What is Jallikattu?  What is the animal involved in it?

Why so many conflicts? Let us read about it……


Jallikattu is one of the famous and the bravest bull taming sport in Tamil Nadu,India.It is also  called as  Erutazhu  Thaluvuthal,Manju Virattu(bull chasing). It is celebrated on the 2nd day of Thai(the Tamil New Year,in the middle of January). The participants are mostly youngsters and bull used are Indian Gaur(a variety of Kangayam bull).It is famous in Allaganallur(Madurai,Tamil Nadu). Jallikattu is similar to ‘Bull Run’ in Spain.

                                                                (A seal found in Harappa regarding Jallikattu

This sport is nearly 5,000 years old, it was then practiced by the warriors in order to show their bravery. It was initiated by the ancient Yadavas or Aayars .Many stone paintings ,seals proves that this sport was practiced  from the ancient times. It is considered to be a symbol of pride and antiquity .The person who wins is considered to be the bravest person in the society and is granted a bride and a groom.

The reason behind this sport is to protect the native live stocks .These native live stocks are already in the endangering condition ,due to the invention of new machineries for agricultural purposes .During the practice time, the bulls are provided with nutritious foods to strengthen itself than other cows .It is still practiced to protect and preserve our culture and tradition .It also helps in providing us A2 variety of milk(contain A2 type beta casein protein).

The organisations that are working behind the screen in order to ban Jallikattu are Animal Welfare Board of India(AWBI), People For Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA), Compassion Unlimited Plus Action(CUPA).They filed a case against Jallikatu according to Prevention Of Cruelty Of Animals Act,1960.They stated that the animals are treated with cruelty during the sports time .So, the Supreme Court banned Jallikattu on 7 May  2014.But the owners of the bulls state that the bulls are sacred animals and they are not even allowed any harm to get near the bull.

1.) The people of Tamil Nadu state that the plan laid by the organisations is to make the country depend upon the foreign companies, thereby increasing their  business marketing in the global level and decreasing the number of livestock in our country .So that we would import bulls from other countries and the situation will be similar to the atrocities we are now facing due to genetically modified plants .Before hundred years there were nearly 130 varieties of bulls, but now at present there are only 37 varieties of bulls in our country.

2.) India is the second largest milk producing country in the world.But if Jallikattu is banned it may even affect the milk production of the whole country.

People of Tamil Nadu questions PETA, as why it did not take any steps to stop ‘Bull Run’ in Spain, where bulls are tortured that it may even lead to death of the bull. It is important that our country protects both the native bulls and the sport. The people have now decided to conduct Jallikattu with the proper safety measures provided by the government and to make sure that both the bulls and the players have undergone a medical check-up  before and after the game. So it is now our turn  to join hands  in order to protect our culture.

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