Kamal Hasan’s political tweets


The versatile actor Kamal Hasan has recently joined politics.He is known for his various famous movies characters in both Tally wood and Bollywood cinema. He recently tweets about the Chennai flood, where many governments workers are helping to the people in their grievance.  They are working very hard to help the people who are suffering a lot with the problem.


He also pledges to his supporters and fans to help those people along with government worker. He posted a picture along with an officer who is helping people and go beyond his  duty for help which is need the most. The flood hit Chennai and the nearby district of it. Kamal Hasan is proactively working on the corruption issue and the malaise free dengue. Taking about the people problem he has taken a step further in the politics joining. But many ministers did not like his this step and condemned the process of taking part in the political party.


He tweeted about the  Hindu terrorism issue, he said that the process of making terrorism in the Hindu camp is also a new factor. His contemporaries also support his this idea of having the concept of Hindu terrorism.  He further adds that earlier Hindu extremists would not use this kind of muscle power violence but they then indulge in debates but now the act is more muscular than debate based.Now they are not able to say that ‘can you show me any Hindu terrorism’?  These tweets of Kamal Hasan supported by many other actors like Arvind Swami and Prakash Raj.


Even Raj tweeted on issue f Hindu terrorism, he said that abusing couple and lynching is now a big question in India, the silence of the PM Narendra Modi for being silent on journalist Guari Lannkesh’s murder is big question now. These kinds of active tweets and the direct confrontation on the political arena shows that Kamal is really serious about his political move.


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