“Laddo” in new perspectives


The new version of  ‘Na Anna is Desh Laddo’ is going to be released on today. It will be the new work of art on women rights which broadcast on colours. Where all the girl’s child has been killed in the particular system in last series and emergences of violence in a certain time period where the system is based on patriarchy. The system will be leading the women rights in a new form. that would be the matter of certain channel framework and enhance the particular balance.


The previous episodes are the character of Ammaji is justify as the fiery, matriarch which Indian cinema has ever seen. But in the new episode, the character will take the modesty toward her granddaughters and how this will change the new perspectives of the shows and will bring the new enthusiasm to all the characters. The role of Ammaji has been played by Meghna Malik which extremely likes audience in her negative gesture. The granddaughter will be played by Avika Gor who also played the famous role of Anandi in Balika Vadhu.


The trailer has been shown that the new Ammaji is leading a women group and staunch supporter of women rights. Which someway remind the Indian movies like Mardaani, Gulaab Gang, Sampat Rai and so on. In this show, the charterer of women is showed as the honoured and believe in equal respect and the balance of all rights for women. This also sketches the better understanding of the balance of women equality among men but not against them instead of the same platform.


The story is providing a new background where she tries to forget her violated past and giving a peaceful life for her granddaughters but the conditions made her come again in Veerpur. The show also features Komal (Zalak Desai Balwant Singh Chaudhary (Rituraj Singh), Sunehri (Sudipti Parmar), Ranbeer (Ankit Raj), Tej Singh Chaudhary (Himaan Choudhary) are playing the important roles.

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