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7 Myths And Facts About The LGBT Community

7 Myths And Facts About The LGBT Community

lgbt community

The LGBT community is a loosely defined group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The people of the LGBT community are not given respect and are generally discriminated all over the world. So, this community is created with an intention to emphasize a diversity of gender identity based cultures. There are lots of myths about being LGBT which often contributes to hatred and crime towards the LGBT community. Here are certain myths which are busted with a single strong fact.


1.) Myth: People chose to be homosexual

Fact:    Being homosexual is not a choice. It is a natural process and phenomenon. Like heterosexual people develop feelings naturally for the opposite gender. Similarly homosexuals develop the feelings naturally. It can be in adolescence or after 50’s, but it is not affected by their choice or will.


2.) Myth:  LGBT people can be cured

Fact:    There is a myth that LGB people can be cured by having a really good sex with the person of the other gender. Some believe that it can be cured by some medicines or therapies. But the reality is it is not an illness. As it is not an illness so there are no cures also. If they are forcibly pushed to have sexual intercourse with an opposite gender it may cause them pain and misery.


3.) Myth: Being LGBT is unnatural

Fact:    It is not unnatural. It is completely a natural phenomenon. For example: Transsexual people have Gender Dysphoria. There are certain biological and psychological factors that result in the birth of a transgender. So, we cannot say that it is unnatural. Unnatural is something which is ordinary to the natural course of law and generally because of man made things. Nature itself cannot create unnatural things.


4.) Myth: LGBT people are not accepted by religious groups and societies

Fact:    Some communities and religious denominations are very intolerant of people of the LGBT community. But there are certain other communities which are very accepting. There are some churches, religious groups and temples that readily welcome LGBT people as worshippers,some of which perform same sex union ceremonies also.


5.) Myths:  In case of couples of LGBT community one partner holds the position of man and other of women

Fact:       In same sex relationships, there is no such division of roles as of man and a woman. They take up tasks as per their skills and performs accordingly. Expressions of Feminity and Masculinity is not same in everyone. It differs from person to person.

lgbt community


6.) Myth:  Bad parenting causes a person to choose himself to be homosexual

Fact:      Firstly, a person doesn’t choose to be homosexual. It is an intrinsic behaviour. It is not guided by a person’s parenting or by the persons surrounding him. It is a natural phenomenon that can occur to any individual at any stage.


7.) Myth:  LGBT aren’t good parents.

Fact:      Parenting of a child is not at all influenced if he has LGBT parents. Manners, habits and good values are taught equally by parents, irrespective of the fact that they are heterosexual or homosexual. Further, some people believe that children of LGBT parents often grow into homosexuals. But this is not true. Being LGBT has no influence on a child to be of the same community. They can grow and live their life as a hetrosexual.

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