Mahira Khan or Meri japan : let’s find out

Mahira Khan is best known for her beautiful characters in Pakistani cinema and she is well received the love of the audience.But after Rasses a Bollywood film featured Shahrukh Khan and Mahira Khan together is also loved by Indian audience. Sometimes the funny part played by our phone become a unique thing for us, it happens with celebrities also, this time it happens with Mahira Khan.

The Pakistani beauty recently faced the problem with auto correction in the new technological era as mentioned in her caption.  She has recently shared this caption with her fans on social media, where it has received as very hilarious and cute responses. In that, she is asking about her mother and her child health. In the auto-correction mood, the native words replace with some funny words because the indigenous words are not matched with the English correction so they turn up in something else.

She further said that when the auto correct seems smarter than us.She uploaded the caption of the conversation with her mother. The conversation is very funny and adorable. She is asking to take care of her mother and son’s health on the chat, she called her son Azzu but auto-correction was showing the after struggling three failed attempted she finally wrote her son’ Nike name Azzu. It was the time when the problem of our phone become quite hilarious for our mundane daily life.

The actress had been wanting to Azzu so she did it, in the end, she fondly calls her son by that name. Many fans reply this caption as the funny, hilarious and cute. The post quickly got viral and many people respond as this is the funny part of the technology era. This chat shows that Mahira is quite open about her views and the sharing the sweet moments with her fans.

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