Mixtape episode 17: Ayushman Khurrana’s Mash-Up Of Mera Mann & Yahin Hoon Main Is Beautiful!

By | August 12, 2017

Mixtape episode 17: Ayushman Khurrana’s Mash-Up Of Mera Mann & Yahin Hoon Main Is beautiful!

mixtape episode 17

Recently T-series Mixtape season one has aired its final episode, and after all the melodious Bollywood mashups it has ended with a captivating mixtape of Ayushman Khurrana. If one loves Bollywood mashups, they will find Ayushman’s version of Mera Mann and Yahin hoon main literally incredible.

Ayushman expressed his excitement on working with Mixtape in a statement saying, “It is a great initiative by T-series, Shivam Chanana. T-series Mixtape is a cool collaboration of best singers across the nation. A unique and fresh concept with a mix of commercial and independent music. The curator and programmer. Abhijit Vaghani used a lot of organic sounds. He experimented with the tropical house and the synth lines. It was fun performing with the live singers and instrumentalists.”

mixtape episode 17

This adorable actor and singer, Ayushman has sung his version with soulful voice and the way instruments like acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano and hybrid drums has been placed is commendable. The actor is recently working on his latest movie release, Bareilly ki Barfi.

This soothing notes and music of this mixtape will completely mesmerise you, and the best way one can enjoy the mash-up is on headphones with eyes closed.

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mixtape episode 17

mixtape episode 17



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