What is fashion? The manner of doing something.

If you are a fashion freak and you’re always updated about fashion, then it would be obvious for u to know that 80’s and 90’s is coming back with awe-inspiring way. 2016 was all with off-shoulder top or white shirts, but 2017 is going to be more interesting. Apart from PJ sets, another nightwear attire is making their way into daytime or evening wear attire. Buy a fancy robe and make it an exclusive and posh evening coat.

Your eyes will be wide open with delight upon the new and the unique style of rage.Have a look!



The statement jewelry says it all. Earrings are always an unquestionable form of fashion. 2017 art is of graphic shapes, mix of coins, gold and silver metals. The oversized earrings are spicy this year, especially UFO shaped. And what not, the single long earring is modish this season. Hair accessories cannot be neglected at all! Bobby pins, boho headbands, barrettes, clips, cute bows and lovely flowers are all used for hairdo. The elegant tiara’s is still in the line this season. It adds up to the aristocracy. Moreover, it is not crucial to match it with ball-gowns, you can go with different western dresses with tiara.



Footwear always adds up to our personality, so are they this season! Sexier and more magnificent. Sneakers will remain in the bucket list, not only because they are comfortable, but at the same time fashionable too. Different experiments have been done on the design of heels. Wooden and Square heels, chunky-funky heels studded with gems, heels with furs. The design of the foot wears is also quite unique like reptile print footwear and cat print. 2017 has a great collection of leather, velvet and suede shoes. Nonetheless, how can we forget the pointy toe shoes.




Stripes are going to be a trend setter just like the off-shoulders were back days. Corsets may also take away this time. But the ruffles and flounces are coming with a big bang. Prints will also be inspired with artful and asymmetrical shapes according to Vogue. Enthusiasm and Effervescent is a new party style this season. Now girls will be wearing sequins from head to toe, giving a sparkling look. The alluring velvet is the biggest fabric trends in 2016/2017.After all it’s all about easy-elegance this season.

Apart from this, fashion is inclining towards colors like pinks, blues, reds and greens.



Fur works wonder when it comes to winter. Slightly run your fingers on it and emotions of warmth and comfort fulfills you. This is what this winter is about, carry your fur scarves and stoles on shoulder or in hand. There are still another type of stoles and scarves with bow-knot, knitted or animal print. No matter where fashion takes a long but thin waists will always be an obsession for girls. In older times women wore corsets under their gowns, but nowadays wearing corsets over your clothes is inescapable and it also adds up to colorful and funky look. Statement belts are the best option to flaunt your style. Metallic belts, corset belts, knotted belts and even animal skin belts are best for a glamourous look this winter.


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