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Muslims And Latinos Unite During Ramadan, Breaking Fast At Tacos Mosques

Muslims And Latinos Unite During Ramadan, Breaking Fast At Tacos Mosques….

The Ramadan celebration united and Muslim Latino communities in Orange County, California. This two minority groups suffered a lot of social discrimination under the administration of Trump.

A new initiative in southern California aims to unite both Muslim and Latino community during the month of Ramadan. The charity campaigns bring both the communities closer and to enjoy tacos after fasting all day.

muslim latino communities

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On Saturday night after the day of fasting, the local Muslims joined with their Latino neighbors at the Islamic Centre of Santa Ana parking to enjoy the delicious taco served by the organizers of Taco Trucks at every mosque. The aim of this operation is to demystify Islam through the sharing of food and to unite the two groups as they are discriminated in the Trump era. They also invited community members to sit together after sunset to break the day’s fast with the meal called “Iftar”.

During the month of Ramadan, Rida Hamida, a Palestinian – American with Benjamin Vazquez, an educator came up with idea to highlight the faith and to reduce the risk of Anti- Muslim attacks and also other racist acts in the neighborhood.

The goal of the coordinator Hamida is to host taco trucks that will serve halal tacos at every mosque in Orange County. It has been reported that more than 400 people attended the event.


The community activist described the evening as an “act of solidarity as they would remember these moments”.


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