Robot SALLY Will Be Preparing Your Next Meal…

Robot SALLY Will Prepare Your Next Meal…

According to the recent announcements we have seen robots even play a large part in the food industry. We all remember about the movie The Jetsons. Is it finally arriving?

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First, there was burger-making robot, now they are ready for making salad.

We are talking about those highly programmed, super-mechanized creatures that have not only been programmed to help us in daily work, but to create healthy meal as well. Chowbotics, a US-based food robotics start-up led by an Indian Deepak Sekar an IIT Madras graduate has raised $5 million (33 crores) for “SALLY” its salad making robot in a series, a round  of venture  funding to help develop “food service robots”. Tech giants like Techstars Ventures, Foundry Group, Geek Dom Fund and Galvanize Ventures participated in the round. Sally has a unique feature, it lets users select from over 20 ingredients, displays the calorie count for selected ingredients and dispenses measured quantities into bowl. Promising food preparation that is customizable, tasty, hygienic and healthy while being accessible all the time.  Robots from Chowbotics will be able to create meals in restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, hospitals and anywhere else where human wants to eat

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Don’t ever say Sally greenery is boring, this salad creating robot uses 20 ingredients to give customers more than 1000 different kinds of salads. A number of businessmen have agreed to put Sally’s salad making chops to test. Main experiments are being held in California and Texas, with Sally in an Italian restaurant, a grocery store and a co-working space.

Sally might be used in a number of different ways; the robot can either be kept in the kitchen, wherever servers can take the finished product to the customers. It can also become a salad vendoring machine with a small touch screen for ordering and along with the credit card machine for payment.

As we have said earlier Sally shows you the calorie count of the ingredients, customers can know about their calorie intake and will know exactly what goes into their salad. So we can say machines can now prepare healthy and hygienic meal for us.


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