How Online learning re-defines the education system?

By | June 7, 2017

How Online learning re-defines  the education system?

In today’s world where the competition is rising at an alarming rate and everyone roams around with a handful of skills, education has become an important sector in everyone’s life. Not only has it provided with a good career, but also it re- built a person’s personality and aura. In recent times, online education has rapidly progressed, making it the most talked topic in this domain. Covering all the limitations of a classroom study, it has paved its way out in every student’s life. Since when the Internet happened, physical barrier was no more a problem and henceforth rest was history.

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  • Millions of people go abroad for higher education spending lots of dollars, on the top of it preparing for breaking the entrance exams cost them indeed the same. Studying online for such exams or even courses just sitting back home with much minimal cost sounds convenient for all the people.
  • According to a recent study in a global level online learning program, after the United States, India has been reported to have the second highest number of online course enrollments with more than over 1,55,000 students from the country. Of a total of around 1.2 million students worldwide, 32% are from the U.S while 15% are from India.
  • These students now have access to the best courses from all around the globe to be skilled in these domains. A number of renowned universities are now offering online distance education, bringing world class instructors and professors to educate the students. Courses like MBA, MSc, MCA, BA (Hons), Executive MBA, Retail and Digital Marketing can all be taken up online.

There are numerous well renounced official websites which give professional coaching just sitting at home. Courses like CAT, MBA or UGC-NET needs full focused training and study materials. Websites such as Handa Ka Funda proves to be a good alternative for the boring classroom studies. Live modules and video tutorials along with revised study materials which makes such websites progressive in this field. Not only the difficulty level of such courses swept off, but it makes learning much more interesting and accessible.

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    • Online courses not only batch the geographical or financial barriers in India, but it also increases the job opportunities across the globe.
    • Skillful trainers and well learned teachers can match up their capabilities by working on online websites. Siting at one place students can learn from top notch professors and teachers.
    • Not only online education benefits students but it also curbs various obstacles for the teachers. They can not only divide and utilize their time through online education, but it also serves a medium through which they can update their knowledge regularly.

Taking into the account the talent and the population of India, distance education has a very promising future in the country and the expectations of the students are quite high. Many business competitors have foreseen the scope of this rising industry and are therefore planning to enter the online education sphere. Online education enables many employers to get the work done from people across the globe. A rapid increase in the production and improvisation of technology, online education has become an inevitable part of every schools and universities’ study pattern.

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